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Across the crystal floor he laid down with a smile on his face.
The peaceful serenity baffled her and the burning conviction she once had crumbled.

Everything about this child confused her. An abnormality.
Nothing like she had ever experienced before.

It disgusted her knowing that the child realized something that she couldn't.
She longed for an answer herself and she couldn't even ask him the conclusion he came to.

The anger overflowed in her and the pent up emotions she held for so long burst.

Questions overwhelmed her more than answers.
What were they fighting for in the first place?

How is he able to smile until the very end?

  • Play two different viewpoints! Each having their own unique story arc.
    We guarantee that the two routes are nothing alike, bar aside the times they meet each other. We hope you will enjoy seeing the differences of ambitions and motives between Reyna and Dominic!

    Traverse through the Wiccan and Miocene-era inspired setting with small puzzles.
    We hope that you will enjoy the custom assets that we made for this game~ Such as the famous Dragon's Blood and the Stonehenge! There will be puzzles here and there.

    Battle-centric Gameplay
    The game features a battle system with a graphical look inspired by 7th Dragon DS and 7th Dragon 2020~
    Each PoV has a different playstyle. Reyna focuses on stances and the power of friendship. In contrast, Dominic as the lone wolf and the hero that gotham the game deserves.

    No GameOvers
    Death returns you to 1 HP when battle ends. You don't receive any EXP because of this.

    AP Skill Learning
    You get AP which you can spend on skills to learn.

    Awesome story!
    That is so full of hope that we guarantee you'd raise your eyebrows due to how happy and dumb it is!

    Dating Sim
    Choose one of your beloved birds to be your lover!
    Snows and Blizzards
    That's totally a feature.

Latest Blog

Meet the Cast!

I just updated the game's description with the game's features! If you wanna read check it out~

For now, meet the Cast of Destitute!

Reyna Clementel
She's described as the warmth and sunshine of the Village of Cederia.
She has the ability to bring things to life.
Gameplay Style: Stances and Life Drain

Reyna's favorite pet raven.
She calls him, 'The Black Steel.'
Gameplay Style: Buffer and Physical Attacks

Reyna's favorite pet dove.
She calls him, 'The Platinum Avenger.'
Gameplay Style: Buffer and Magical Attacks

Mysterious boy that appeared when it snowed. He's always seen alone.
At least he has his crown and good looks to keep him company.
Gameplay Style: Being Cool

Dominic's favorite crown. Named because of his extreme loneliness and persistence to do things alone.
Gameplay Style: Extra Step. Can move more than once but does absolutely nothing but sparkle


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Stargate: Universe, duuhh.
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is this still on progress? :) please update us once in a while. Thank you!
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is the character a guy or girl? the introduction up top mixes he and she oddly o.o
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Is this game still being worked on? O:
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