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Meet the Cast!

I just updated the game's description with the game's features! If you wanna read check it out~

For now, meet the Cast of Destitute!

Reyna Clementel
She's described as the warmth and sunshine of the Village of Cederia.
She has the ability to bring things to life.
Gameplay Style: Stances and Life Drain

Reyna's favorite pet raven.
She calls him, 'The Black Steel.'
Gameplay Style: Buffer and Physical Attacks

Reyna's favorite pet dove.
She calls him, 'The Platinum Avenger.'
Gameplay Style: Buffer and Magical Attacks

Mysterious boy that appeared when it snowed. He's always seen alone.
At least he has his crown and good looks to keep him company.
Gameplay Style: Being Cool

Dominic's favorite crown. Named because of his extreme loneliness and persistence to do things alone.
Gameplay Style: Extra Step. Can move more than once but does absolutely nothing but sparkle