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Byrcallum - The youngest character, a nineteen-year-old mine guardian who became a hero when he helped Derek and Montrys stop a necromancer deep in the mine. He has since been traveling with them, unaware of the secret in his blood. (He is 1/7th feline.)
Gransen - A versatile spellblade who wanted to find a way to help the world when he met the others. He is now a sworn defender of Ysmena, on top of being a bitter intellectual.
Derek - Part dragon, part man, Derek is one of Ysmena's chosen warriors to help her defeat the great evil. He is very easy-going and a bit too brutish at times, even around Gransen, his boyfriend. Snores far too loudly.
Illysdren - For all of Illysdren's mastery of fire magicks, he is a pretentious twit. Despite how unlikable he can make himself, his pact with the Dark Ones makes him an invaluable ally for Ysmena's quest. Has an ironic intolerance to spicy food.


Montrys - A witch born out of nature's will to protect itself, she is a skilled aquamancer and archer. Ysmena chose her as her second warrior to help her fight off the great evil, and she could not have picked better. Montrys is devoted, stable, and deadly. She is also horrible at table tennis.
Ysmena - The Goddess Helena's mortal agent. Her quest is to stop the Moth Queen, the greatest evil to ever rise. This adventure to break out of Czarina's frozen fortress is but a speed bump in her plans. Ysmena is kind, gentle, and a little bit mischievous.
Cass - A thief who was saved from herself by Ysmena. After a strange incident, she gains the ability to turn spirit cryst, a substance left by fallen enemies, into useful items.
Zhang - A somewhat quirky martial artist who is Cass's closest friend. After the same strange incident, she learned how to mold spirit cryst into equipment for the party.