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Shannon, a healer arrested for a crime she claims was purely an accident (It doesn’t count as stealing if no one was properly guarding it! How was she even supposed to know it was important?) is forced, under Corvlian Law, to pay for her crimes in the form of service.

Together with her overseer, Ethan, they take on missions that the army is ill-equipped to deal with: wanted pirates, sea monsters, lovesickness, outrageous old women, lonely demons, plotters, spoiled princesses, annoying royalty, entitled nobles and much more!

Join Shannon, Ethan and the colourful and quirky cast of the people of Corvelia as they set to help you or make your life difficult (to be fair, it’s mostly the latter).

-Demo includes around half an hour of gameplay.
-Conditional Turn Battle System (CTB)
-Mainly humorous storyline focused on quirky characters.
-The game is part of the Arum universe and takes place entirely in the kingdom of Corvelia.

The game started as a silly project meant to be finished in three days, but soon grew too large and became a 7 (and something) day demo.
We decided to cut it now so we could focus on our main project, but after that is done we will come back and finish this game. Production should (hopefully) resume around April.

As always, feedback is very welcome, appreciated, and loved! Please tell us what you liked and what you think needs fixing!

Latest Blog

Demo out!

Hallo ladies and gents, here we are with another friggin game out of control OTL

Long story short, a discussion about silly plots quickly deviated into actual development, and what was planned as a short 3 day game quickly stretched into a 7 day demo, and finally capped out at 10 days or so (woot, triple the time for a quarter of the content).

So! We hope you enjoy In Search of Freedom! The demo isn't very long. We'll be back to production when our main project is done and out (hopefully around april).

As always, feedback is appreciated and treasured ;A;



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This looks great, like all your projects Indra :)
You're magical to me.
Loving it so far! Like the unique battle system where you have to think a little differently to defeat foes, and how different characters learn skills. Snappy dialog, too! And Olga's my favorite character so far :D
So how are people getting on? Anything you guys would like to see improved or developed further in the future?
Love the combat in the game. I didn't get to try out the passive skills unfortunately. Looking forward to exploring more the mechanics in later installments.
Love the game,
It is very fun to play!!
You two are amazing! This is it, I am you guys fan! This game is superb, fantastic and God- that battle system is cool as hell! (Funny how I am going against my words -hell can't be cool xD)

10/10, pleasseeee complete it soon. I really wanna play the full version. You guys brought me back to playing rpgs, I was almost over them. Your games are always so unique and one doesn't get tired due to awesome dialogue and esp. the battle system. I find grinding fun in this game.

One of my fav. games from you two along with "In Search Of Immortality", keep up the great work *thumbs up*

A question - How old is beatrice?
Beatrice is 55-65ish, probs ;3

Very glad to hear you enjoyed our games! We're also lookign forward to coming back to this once we clear our main project, eventually OTL
Thanks, always a pleasure to hear from people who enjoyed our games, like Indrah said we'll be getting back to this just as soon as we've finished our main project.

On the topics of sequels, we're not likely to make a direct sequel but all our games are set in the same world, so characters will re-appear in time.

Anyway once again glad you enjoyed the games!
I see, I am looking forward to this so much! No prob at all guys :)

What is your main project atm?
Commercial game. Doesn't have a game page yet, will prob have one soon-ish.
Hello - May I say first off... Excellent game so far. Sorry if I'm a bit 'late to the game' (Noticing the last post was in 2014...)

Good Mechanics and graphics, and plot so far. :)

I did notice two bugs - one non-game breaking, and one game breaking.

The first is:

After Olga has joined the party - she eventually learns Natural Cure. The bug is after she learned this skill, that after every battle, a text popup keeps declaring "Olga has learned Natural Cure".

and the second:

Is whenever you get more than one passive skill. And the capability to equip more than one. When I went into the menu to equip a passive skill after you hit level 5. One, alright. Two is apparently a No No. Despite having enough Passive Points to equip two...

Hope you can fix those issues -- I don't mind if I have to equip just one skill at a time for Passive Abilities for now, but... I'm still early on in the game.
Both are fixed in the dev version. I want to come back and finish this but it's probably going to be a while down the line. Clearly we need an event called "finish something."

Glad you're enjoying the game, this was always one of my favourites.
So, where can I find the Dev version? :)
is this still in development? your games show a lot of charm
It's one of the games we do aim to finish, but we have a lot on the backlog so I couldn't say WHEN it will be ><
I would very much love to finish In Search of Freedom, it's one of my favourite games that I've worked on.
Short demo. Two dungeons. First boss had infinitely respawning taunt minions that come back right after dying, hits pretty hard, and had a triple attack skill to boot. I understand it's to teach you the concept of passing and saving up turns, but these guys hit for 20 a pop and can kill you very fast if they all attack on one character.
Last boss in the demo felt like a luckfest. It can shuffle up and straight out remove your character's battle menu options for doing anything except a regular attack. It also glitched the game too, it made jellie's "summon" open up their skill list (with tentacle) instead. Not sure what it was trying to do. Anyway the battle mechanics are different from the usual. Almost every action (including regular attacks, guard, using an item, etc.) cost MP and you have to pass most of the times. You can overdraft MP but that will transform you into a balloon with the lowest defense possible, which is really bad. But you also gain MP each turn which means that all skills and spells can be used infinitely if you manage MP well. Anyway you can also pass and save up turns to use them all at once later on, which is mandatory to defeat the first boss. Learning skills also seems to differ by character. It's pretty interesting. Try it out if it sounds cool, but it's pretty short.
The tree boss isn't entirely random, he's worse than that he's malicious and removes the commands he thinks are the best, he should start by removing Summon. I've never come across the summon monster opening the command window bug so will have to test.

The ability to store up your turns was partly inspired by Bravely Default which I was playing at the time when we starting working on this, it hasn't really been fully developed by the time the demo ends. The ideas I had included passive skills doing something when you "pass" e.g. Shannon could do a weak aoe heal, and characters having a "finisher" which uses up all available stock and it stronger based on the stock used.

With regards to the first boss not many people like it but as part of the tutorial I felt it was important to enforce players passing the turns. I think this was the last or second last of our games not to include a difficulty option, it's possible we'll add one but we did include anti-frustration features like the ability to try again on a boss and the autosaving.
I finished the demo and I gotta say, I love the first half! The second one though...

The graphics are great, especially the enemies. The dialogues keep you interested in the story. The music was pretty cool too. The gameplay was awesome, I really liked battle mechanics. The first boss works perfectly as a way to show how creative and strategic the battles can get. Every character having a different way to learn skills keeps things interesting too! All in all, one of the most fun and promising demos I've played in a while.

...That's until Beatrice joins the party. I don't remember where I read it, but if I recall correctly, after that point, the rest of the demo was rushed to meet the deadline for the event, and boy, it really feels like that. The first thing I noticed that went wrong, was just after the next battle, where Beatrice just disappeared. I guessed that it was because I had a summon already occupying the fourth slot, preventing her from properly joining the battle. And effectively, after deactivating the passive skill that makes summons stay in the party after battles, Beatrice was back in the team (But also, I couldn't summon anything after that). She was also kind of buggy though. I never fully understood how Beatrice learns new skills because unlike the other characters, she didn't had a tutorial explaining how. She had Mysticism, which made some messages appear on the screen, so I assumed that I only needed to use it a few times in every possible terrain. The problem with this is that it actually bugged out the Ability screen (Maybe because I used it even when I already had all the skills?) which crashed the game every time I tried to open it.

Welp, I guess I can't keep track of my character's skills anymore, but I decided to keep going. I found another weird bug where sometimes when picking items from the ground a notification will appear, but the item won't actually appear in your inventory (This happened mostly with the "Stamina juices"). There were a few passability errors too, which I recognized because there were items pickups on the ground, but you couldn't walk through that terrain to get them. Enemies were also unbalanced at the end of the game, where before you could kill enemies in a few hits, they suddenly became very tanky, and I didn't had the patience to fight them after that. But I pushed through and finally, after all that bugginess and unbalance, I faced the final boss, and he... did absolutely nothing, he never attacked or did anything at all, just stay there motionless. I think his Max HP was around the same values as the monsters in the dungeon too, making the fight very anti-climatic.

Wew, what can I say? I love the original demo, the one before Beatrice joins. After that, it all goes downhill. I know that it was rushed just to meet the deadline for the event, but all the bugs and problems actually left me with a bad taste in my mouth. I refuse to let an unfinished part ruin the rest of the experience, but damn, it gets really close to doing that.
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