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Agoraphobia - Reached Goldstatus

Hello, friends of darkness and neverending terror!

I have good news!
The german version of the game, finally reached goldstatus and is now in the closed betaphase. This means, it will only take a few weeks, until the english translation will be finished and the game released.

Stay tuned for more!

Progress Report

The Labyrinth of Agoraphobia

During the early stages of the game, i decided to lure the player into scenes, not forcing him or her to progress as planned by the developer (wich is possible), but teasing, to gain their interest in something "in-game".

As the player progresses, the house opens up, making the game "open-worldish", because even though the House is not that big, every room in it bears at least 1 or more secrets, scenes, or dreams for the player to discover.

As the game will have more than 5 endings, there are a lot of things a player can influence during his playing session. The most noticeable would be the fact, that every dream, or scene the player encounters, will influence the following ones.

So if you are experiencing Scene A at first, it will influence Scene B and Scene C and vice versa.
As the player can choose wich path to follow, or experience these scenes by accident,
hopefully no player will have the exact same experience while playing.

If you need a real-game example, best think of Stanley Parable, where small decisions have a big impact.
These features are already implemented, means that there are several ways of progressing in the game, and leading to different ending-scenes and resolutions of the story.

This will make the writing of a Walktrough almost next to impossible ^^
But don´t worry, i will provide guides to all the different endings as soon as everything is fixed for the gold-version of Agoraphobia.

Stay tuned!
~ Rabbit!

Progress Report

From Alpha to Beta

Agoraphobia is now in the late beta-stage, after (and this may sound fast to some)
3 weeks of development. This is not my fastest project, but still pretty fast, when i think about all the allready implemented features and self-made event scripts.

- Enemies are following the player through the entire house and are able to appear anywhere, anytime.
- Fluidly implemented shock-effects // are activated by chance, and / or by special, player-triggered conditions.
- Fluid Ambient-Sound // changes according to the current in-game situation.
- Action-Fleeing-System: The player can hide, jump over obstacles and lure the enemy into other parts of the house.
- Effects of Light / Darkness on Entities and Puzzles: Determines the Behaviour of Enemies and the interaction between certain objects and the player.

This project has become a little beast, regarding its demonish entities, wich can be extremely terrifying, when they suddenly appear out of nowhere and the Action music starts to play.
Hopefully it will all work out as planned, the closed betatests will put that to test.

Stay tuned for further updates!
~ Rab!
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