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Very Well Made

Wow. This game. I think this game was very well made. Despite the fact it was a demo, I wanted it to continue! The story, the battles, the character personalities and foreshadowing… they were very nicely implemented and balanced!

Let me start with the negatives, since there aren’t a whole lot. First, the mapping. The mapping is decent, the forest in the beginning looks like a forest. Trees, bushes, grassy things, it looks pretty nice. Although the trees seemed to be a tad “square”. Maybe make them more abstract? Also an issue I had in the beginning with the forest was that I didn’t know where I was going. The forest was pretty big with several places to go. I had no guidance whatsoever. Maybe you could give a map, or signs or something to indicate or perhaps hint at what paths lead to where? The town also seemed a little odd, in terms of the design. The buildings seemed to be perfectly aligned, like the ones on the side, perhaps make them a little uneven?

Another issue I had in the game was money. While the battles were easy and well balanced, there was a strict issue with not starting with any items as well as gold to buy them with. Items are kind of a necessity, if I don’t have any or the potential to get any, then I’ll feel I’m on edge until I can get some and assure my protection. But the battles hardly gave any gold, and a simple healing item was quite expensive. I say either give items and gold at the start of the game (because seriously what kind of ranger goes into a dangerous forest without items? :P) or make items less expensive.

A little something else that bothered me in the game was the fact that a lot of the npcs only had: “…..” to say. While perhaps it was integral to the background of the city, it would make more sense and be more alluring if the guards in the city that didn’t say anything could say something interesting. I understand that their “knights” and “warriors” who are providing for the law and seem to have that righteous “self preserved” attitude, but that doesn’t mean they can’t have something interesting to say.

I believe those were the only general things that really bothered me about the game. I liked the game a whole lot though. The story starts off simple; two people are going into the woods to seek out the source of a “corruption”. Already we learn about the personalities of Amerea and Benheim. And unexpectedly one of them leaves and we start with one character as opposed to two. Amerea finds this dude, can’t remember who he is or anything about himself. This is cliché I’ll give you that, but it goes somewhere decent. When found, there is urgency to get him to the hospital, since he’s injured. There’s an illogical inconsistency; if he’s hurt so badly he needs to go to the hospital, (unless it was more for the fact that he has no memory; I think that was the reason) how is he able to fight? The foreshadowing and mystery instigated by the king causing Omen’s memory to return slightly is an interesting implementation. I also liked the choices you could make during certain dialogue scenes, as well as how omen would sometimes converse with the npc, instead of the npc just saying the same old thing over and over again. Benheim also seemed to have a pretty foul mouth, for a cleric. I thought that was kind of odd.

The music in this game sounds highly original to me. The battle music is pure awesome, and the music seems to fit in all the right places.

The battling is rather simple, unoriginal; yet effective. Each character has a “class” with a selection of related spells. You get a spell caster, fighter, ranger and a cleric in the demo, though you don’t get to fight to their max potential. The spell names were generic, element related. I have nothing against elements, they’re an RPG tradition, only perhaps the creator could come up with more creative names for the spells? The enemies were rather weak in the demo, so hopefully there will be battles in the future that require more skill or insight.

The characters all are very unique and seem to have distinct personalities and relations with each other. This will hopefully cause for an interesting adventure, where events will happen, and feelings will change, people will change and the like… I can see it going somewhere good. I also liked how everything was slow paced. You took your time with each event, slowly delivering little info at a time, hopefully to show a larger image.

I really enjoyed playing this game. It had a great story, and a good idea that could lead to many possibilities. Though I hope there will be some sort of skill learning systems or minigames or something else that the creator could implement to enhance the gameplay or game itself to be more unique. Great job with this game!


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Thank you! I really appreciate the review.
After I first uploaded the game, I started playtesting it some more and noticed some of the problems you pointed out. I've already fixed the inventory problem, and I'll be sure to see what I can do about everything else you've listed.
The silent NPC were taken from FFXII I'm guessing. Nice though, I did aim to play this before but I'll see what I can do about that RTP thing.
Well im sure many old games in the past have done the whole "silent NPC" thing, it was a common thing in some games back then, to me anyway. But yeah i liked this game. :P
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