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Alex <3 Oppai

Glitch at 5:48

Might as well add this vid, a 100k score run.


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Oops, it's missing tags.

Your welcome! I really enjoyed the game, so it wasn't a chore to put in all that time to find bugs heh

After playing a few more hours(yes, many hours) I think I've figured out one reason why that glitch happens. It seems like sometimes I can walk into the side of a block and it attempts to go into slide mode. I noticed it a few times, perhaps when the top of that block is eye level to my sprite. In any case, it's mostly a visual glitch.

I think the reason I had trouble moving the first time I encountered the glitch is because I was trying to press left and right at the same time, just a little bit. That causes the hero to not move at all and be in walking animation. After you know that, it's easy to avoid.

Those would be the only 2 glitches I noticed.
Many thanks for the input. I'll look into that, although it's being rather hard to address as I'm unable to replicate the glitch.
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