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Welcome to Toby's Island!

Toby’s Island is a 2D RPG adventure involving monster-raising, town-building and exploration - enhanced by a blend of randomized and controlled story events!

You play as a young boy with a heavy burden unknowingly forced upon him - to restore a village, rebuild its population and defeat the dark one, sealed deep within the island. To do so you will explore the island meeting new spirit companions, raising monsters from eggs to fight alongside you and gathering resources for building and crafting - all while facing an assortment of beneficial or dangerous (both random and planned) challenges.


Toby's Island is about a family, or a blood line if you will. The story goes back many generations to an ancient civilization of human that lived in harmony with creatures of magic.

Though most humans and creatures lived in contented harmony, There was one truly powerful entity, Azmodeus, who felt that himself and other creatures had more to offer than their human counterparts.

As a member of a human/creature council, he urged the other council members to see it his way, but when they would not agree, he took those who sympathized with him, breaking the council in two, eventually leading to a great war between him and almost everything else.

It seemed Azmodeus could not be stopped, his resistance resorted to horrible tactics. Destroying beautiful blue crystals that once sprouted around the world, that provided life to a diverse population of creatures. Without those crystals, Asmodeus minions, as well as the creatures simply faded away. Azmodeus and his army traveled the land slaying all who opposed him. Azmodeus however, seemed to be immune to the crystals absence.
Nothing seemed to harm the dark one, nothing ever seemed to work. In a final act of desperation, to protect an island with the last remaining crystals, a human member of the council sacrificed every living thing on the island, using their souls as mana to seal the Dark One deep inside the island's core. To appease the spirits of those sacrificed, the council member promised that as the crystals slowly breathe new life into the island, his bloodline would be destined by its magic to travel to the island and care for its new plants and animals. Garden keepers of sorts.

Many Generations later, things were going well until a generation was skipped... something happened. The natives of the island waited, but no member of the bloodline came. What's worse is Azmodeus seemed to have found a way to spread his dark magics out of his prison, influencing creatures and runes, conspiring with other evils to do his bidding. Things have become dire, and that brings us to... Toby.

Toby is the newest of his bloodline. It may be up to him to do what his ancestors never could. It may be up to you the player, to defeat the Dark One once and for all.

In Toby’s Island you can hatch your monsters from eggs. How they grow will be up to you… will you choose a spiritual approach to combat? Or take a more aggressive one? Whichever road you choose will change not only change the way your creature fights, but will also have an effect on its evolution and looks. There are many other factors to how a creature evolves as well, like location, time of day, and hidden items.

Restore and upgrade a village!
Gather resources while out adventuring that will allow you to fix and upgrade buildings in your town. Each building upgraded will open up more options and features to help Toby in his quest.

Classic sideview combat!
Look out wussy pokemon trainers, Toby actually gets his hands dirty himself, alongside up to 3 creature pals at once! But be careful - with limited inventory and only Toby being able to use items on his party you better use them wisely!

A New Day Every Day!
Every time you venture forth from your camp, you will encounter random special events, characters, treasures, enemies and more delightfully unexpected (and sometimes dangerous) scenarios. We want every trip to surprise you in new ways!

Tools, actions and puzzles!
Toby will find or build a variety of tools that will help him gain access to new areas or solve puzzles on the island. Some actions he will be forced to do include pushing/pulling, using grappling hooks, chopping vines, lighting up dark areas, swimming, mining, chopping, negotiating and so much more, oh god, the more! There’s so much of it!

We love mini games!
There will be a bunch of fun mini games, like cruising over desert sands on a sail-powered contraption Toby built himself. Where did he learn to build one of those you might ask? The internet! (I didn’t actually ask him).

No gameovers!
You will not see one in Toby’s Island (unless you get to the end of course... right?) so all that experience you gained on your day exploring the island is yours to keep! You might lose a bunch of items from your bag but with your trusty lost-and-found friend you might have a chance to collect it back.

Under construction!
Toby’s Island currently still in development. It will see a full steam release in April 2020, and a steam early access launch mid-October 2019.

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I am tired of Earth. These people. I am tired of being caught in the tangle of their lives.
This looks nice! One recommendation I have is to explain succinctly right at the top what this game *is*. http://www.pentadact.com/2012-03-17-gdc-talk-how-to-explain-your-game-to-an-asshole/ Good luck!
Thanks Kentona, that article was an awesome read!
Will definitely try to incorporate those ideas, very much appreciated. :)
Lol, I know that was directed at Galv and I, but Everyone should read that! It was not only informative, but it was hilarious...

Legandria Legends
this looks awesome. ive always been inspired by your work. ill be looking forward to this.
this looks awesome. ive always been inspired by your work. ill be looking forward to this.

Thanks a million for the kind words! They mean a lot to us! We will keep pounding away at this project!
I have already said this but lemme say it here again!

"You guys are making a new paragon of RPG Maker game!"

^__^ b, Stand up tall and shake the very foundation of RM indie games, guys !
I have already said this but lemme say it here again!

"You guys are making a new paragon of RPG Maker game!"

^__^ b, Stand up tall and shake the very foundation of RM indie games, guys !

Yawn* fine... if we have to...

jkjk! haha you are awesome man. thanks for the kind words. It keeps us going!
We seem to be having technical difficulties getting our project to show up in the game section... this is not good... not good at all.
¡Muchas gracias! No habrá una traducción española de la Isla de Toby, pero espero que todavía se puede disfrutar de ella
Google translated that as there WILL be a Spanish translation... There are no plans for translations as yet...
Google translated that as there WILL be a Spanish translation... There are no plans for translations as yet...

If you put it into google translate it might come out as, there will be. But if you read it, it says there wont be. "NO habra" google translate sucks :P My spanish sucks too, but it's not THAT bad :P
Haha, silly Google translate!
This looks really interesting, like the creatures designs for the most part but the artwork isn't that good on every screenshot you have posted.

By the way, love what you did with those Facebook and Twitter buttons. xD
Just posting here to bring something:


Seems siliconera took an interest in your game ;)

I dont know who they are but yikes, tough crowd over there. They were not kind O.o (in the comments)
Circumstance penalty for being the bard.
Do you have a demo for this project?
Do you have a demo for this project?

Not one people can play, but there is one people can watch that covers really early system stuff. It's on our kickstarter page if you scroll down from the main video.
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