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After decades of bloody conquest, frontier life in Kalahan's Weltbaum Valley is finally settling into a kind of peace. The forests diminish, the wood monsters withdraw, and boatloads of iron are beginning to flow from the mines back to the Imperial continent. But then a mysterious young woman named Cerna shows up in the woods, possessing dark powers unlike any ever manifested. Joined by members of a simple farm family, she'll soon embark on a world hopping adventure to seek knowledge of the worlds' true history. However, this attracts the attention of the angelic beings known as the Kabra-Al, who would very much like for humanity to remain in the dark...

Illicit Soul is a project I started almost ten years ago on another maker and had to abandon for various reasons. I'm now in the process of adapting all the artwork for RPGM2k3's smaller resolution. (Which I prefer anyway since it's closer to the SNES's graphics) The plan is to hand draw all the graphics myself, but depending on how taxing that ends up being I might have to resort to some rips.

Seven playable characters are planned, one for each of the schools of elemental magic. Every monster also has an elemental affinity, so you can score massive damage by choosing the right character to slay the right sort of monster.

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i bet she's a diva with a potion popping problem
While a lot of the "features" seem pretty bog-standard and not worth emphasizing ("EMOTIONS! ELEMENTS!"), this game certainly looks like like it'll be interesting to try out. +1 subscriber!
Visually stunning game. I hope yer soundtrack is fitting enough, or else...! ò.ó
Seriously. This graphical awesomeness deserve a good soundtrack.
@Craze: Ha, yep, this is going to be a pretty straightfoward little JRPG. I don't have any particular plans for custom systems or anything, I'm just going to make use of default battles and menus and focus mainly on making maps with lots of little interactive doodads. It's all an excuse for me to draw lots of sprites and tilesets and tell a story that's been rattling around in my head for a while now.

@JosephSeraph: Thanks. No custom music or anything yet, but I am at least trying to avoid overused Final Fantasy and Chrono music and use songs from some lesser known games. I can say that most of the sound effects are going to be things I record myself. The cursor sounds in the menus and the monster sounds are all my own vocalizations, which is either going to sound cool or really retarded.
There are a few amazing and unknown titles for the SNES with great soundtracks. I'll not link any of them because it'd ruin the secrecy, but there are some that definitely fit the mood ;W; ♥
Your chipsets are beautiful. That is what I say to this project. :P
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