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A young woman sent to the Planet Kalahan by the mysterious Gnosis Orginization, her mission to sow peace and harmony wherever she goes. Cerna is a kind and gentle soul, but her developing dark powers are paradoxically only capable of causing pain and destruction. In battle, Cerna specializes in ripping her foes apart with ribbons of dark energy, but is also capable of healing her allies to an extent. (although doing so causes them momentary agonizing pain)

The first person Cerna meets upon arriving Planetside, Rorick is a bit of a meathead who has devoted his life to learning the way of the sword, despite an utter lack of natural talent. He quickly develops a fervent devotion to Cerna, who is a bit put off by his dedication. He serves as a hard hitting melee tank in combat, but he also has a slight affinity for fire magic, in his own completely non-magical way.

Rorick's adopted sister. An orphan of the great war of conquest, she's never quite fit in with her adopted family due to her sarcastic wit and unruly nature. She spends much of her time walking in solitude through the remaining forests of Weltbaum Valley, where she has developed some skill as a ranger. She has little patience for foolish people, and Cerna's naivete about the local culture frequently enrages her. In battle, she specializes in speedy attacks and has several support skills to help other characters hit harder.

(Profiles for the other player characters forthcoming when I get character art done)