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Information page is not updated yet, because I want to test the game a bit more and need to write a new introduction the game is delayed


Final Tear 2 is the second game of the Final Tear series. I started to make the game just before rpgmaker 2003 was released. And some parts were made in 2000 because I did not want to wait until 2003 was out.


Final Tear 2 starts in the far future from here. The world is at war and almost all people have died as the result of this. There are still some places left where people live and those people are the resistance that is fighting everyday for their survival.

The reason for this war is that a man named Cassius wants to have power over the whole world. In the past this man found a way to get immortal and this is why he has not been defeated in the future.

Beginning of the game

You start the game as Seth, Seth is one of the best fighters of the resistance group that lives in the land called Fraze. The technical engineers found finally a way to travel back into time. Your mission is very simple. Go back in time and prevent that Cassius get's immortal.

After Seth steps in the time machine the game start with Ryu, that lives in Fraze kingdom and earns his money by working for the king. Ryu is really the ladies man and wants to seduce as many woman as possible. Because he's working for the king, he earns a lot of money so he only has to work a few days a week. His close Friend Jowy, who lives in the same village often works with him too. Some later in the game strange things begin to happen to Ryu. This first starts with strange very real dreams that warn him for a great danger that lurks in the shadows. The rest is for you to find out by playing the game.


The Final Tear series have always known about complex storytelling and interesting happening within each story. As all Final Tear games have in common, the game starts simple but can be really challenging in the end. Demanding the high skill, brainpower and focus from the player. This is really a game where every hour you spend on it to get better will reward you in the end. This makes training and getting better rewarded because you won't beat the that easily

The game offers a ton of side quest, secret bosses, weapons, secret spells, secret dungeon etc. Also the famous in the past loved idiots of the game Melvin and Wayne will work on your laughing muscles. And a lot of other fun things will happen as you go through this adventure.

Even though this version is Polished it's still far from perfect. So if you have any improvements and tips you can post them on the Final Tear forums http://finaltear3.freeforums.org/.

There seems to be a lost map in the 1.1P version. Because a new version will come at the end of this weekend I decided to upload the map instead of uploading a new version. Click on download and then on lost map to get it.

Planned improvements
For now there are two very important improvements planned. First of all the whole game will get better graphics and the whole script will be improved. If you have any other suggestions please post them on the forums.

I'm searching for people that want to read over the and improve the script of Final Tear 2. If you are interested contact me at my website or send me a private message. Thx!

Keep also in mind that this version is still pretty buggy this was fixed some time ago but I lost this version. So I will fix this as time passes. You can also report bugs if you find them so that I can add them to the bug list

Latest Blog

Final Tear 2 remastered will come out end of June 2022

First of all my apologies that it takes so to release this game. I would like to annonce that the game will finally be released and it will even happen in this month! The FT2 remaster is a great improvement on the orginal with a completely rewritten script, new skills, more and better maps, better balance, better and more music and a lot more.

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  • 01/20/2014 05:04 PM
  • 06/21/2022 02:26 PM
  • 08/30/2022
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After a veeeerrry long time you can Finally download Final Tear 2. Keep in mind that this version is far from perfect and that I need your input to improve it further. I hope you enjoy the game that has been gone for some years now :)
The file "SystemB" is missing

It seems that I did not include the rtp, this is my mistake I will upload a new version some later this afternoon.
Ok I uploaded the new version, you can just install it over the old one. If it still does not work let me know!
Some maps are missing

That is strange. Does it give an error message? Because the game works fine at my machine. And which maps are missing? Thx for the awnser.
it said I was missing map number 85
it said I was missing map number 85
Thx going to look what the problem is. Can you tell me where that happened in the game?
Edit I added the map as a download so that you can play further. I will upload a new version a.s.a.p
inside the main kingdom after talking to the king screen next to the save point
inside the main kingdom after talking to the king screen next to the save point

Ok, I uploaded the map so you don't have to download a new version. I'm fixing bugs as we speak now. So I will upload a new version 1.2p some later this weekend with the new map included.
hopefully this is not worst than final tear 3 with its so funny its bad voice acting xD
hopefully this is not worst than final tear 3 with its so funny its bad voice acting xD
It did not upload right

Lol everything goes wrong what can go wrong :P I dunno why it did not work but I made a zip file now.
You are not gonna believe this but I still cant go to map 85 because a event script referenced a shigunichi that does not exist error popped up
You are not gonna believe this but I still cant go to map 85 because a event script referenced a shigunichi that does not exist error popped up

Can you send your savegame to shiningstar1337@hotmail.com it seems there are some more problems.
Ok I fixed the problem somehow 2 of the elevator maps were empty all of sudden I will upload a patch in a minute.

Patch is uploaded, if there are still problems let me know.
I have a quick question, the "Copy of Map0063.lmu" file can be deleted?
any one got a save file when you go to the cave after the ship got to the first save post and got stuck in the wall in the next map
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