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Pac-Man Returns


It's Pac-Man you can't really get away from that, this game keeps to the classic arcade here and brings you back to a better time. Ghosts the same, the same concept. Eat up all the pellets. Nothing new here but that's okay.


This isn't the next PS3 Graphic Game, but it is updated from an Arcade version. Some of the graphics are better such as the maze outline but it really doesn't make a difference.

This game stays true to the original arcade style and does not make worse or better of it. Pretty average, but for those wanting to play Pac-Man again. This game is for you. It does simply what it wants to do and doesn't promise you the world. For that I give Pac-Man Adventures a 4/5

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This Rating is so wrong i wuld give 1 Star

-Those Sprites are exactly same as in Pac-man tutorial for Game Maker
-all eventing&scripts are in that tutorial too
so making few maps with tileset earns 4stars?
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