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Do you have what it takes to lead your group and create the perfect fighting force?

The Mission:

You are a soldier integrated into a research team that is using its expertise to create super-soldiers. At the top of your class, you are picked to lead a small team to undergo test runs, determining which of the jobs and abilities researched will be the best to mass produce.

The tests you run will decide what humanity will use against the various monsters appearing all over the war-torn post-apocalyptic world. The mission is of vital importance, and the sooner the legions of Neohomen are dealt with, the sooner our planet can be rebuilt.

The Team:

Amber - The Lead Researcher: She has been entrusted with overseeing the various test runs and is in charge of activating the realistic simulations. Amber speaks in a flat, snarky tone; desiring results more than companionship. However, she has been known to crack a few jokes here and there, possibly showing her true face in the process.

MC - The Team Leader: This blank slate of a character is the one who always excelled at war and tactics, and is given permission to choose the class and skills of him/herself and the rest of the team. The name and gender of this character is chosen by the player.

Kairos - The Jolly Dreamer: Leaving behind a large family in order to gain the means to protect them, he gladly learns from the MC in order to protect his children's future. Kairos is normally all smiles and once he begins talking about his wife or daughters, stopping him from speaking too much is a task in itself.

Laiera - The Determined Soldier: Her goals in life have always been to prove that she is not weak and do the job as good as any other. With an extremely focused mindset, it's a wonder Laiera is also able to kick back and have fun when the situation calls for it.

Zelkas - The Quiet Enigma: He rarely speaks, and joined the military without any prior background checks to determine his past. To add more to it, Zelkas never speaks unless spoken to, and unless you break his shell, it'll be a wonder if he even speaks at all.

~ 10 different classes each with 20 skills of their own to choose from with an 8 skill limit
~ A fast paced (is that even possible?) turn-based battle system that relies on strategy to win
~ A main character you get to name and personalize yourself
~ Over 200 enemies to find within the dungeons that await you
~ Areas (Safe Zones) in between dungeons that autosave the game and act as heal points
~ Four different difficulty modes that change the dynamic of the game itself
~ Optional bosses known as Anomalies to test the player after gaining enough ranks
~ Absolutely no need to grind
~ A few other things that will be kept as a surprise!

This is my first completed game, so I hope you all will enjoy playing through it! Basically it is a dungeon crawler consisting of quick dungeons all to see if the characters you molded are able to handle whatever difficulty arises. It's to test my ability to create interesting gameplay. Story is light, but not non-existent and characters are fleshed out by speaking to them during each safe zone.

PS: And again, there will be difficulty settings.

Latest Blog

Finally a Release!

It went into the early morning, (living in the west over here) but I finally caught all the bugs that were annoying me and played through the game four different times to make sure everything works.

This means that the game now has a download added on the target completion date. At first I didn't know whether or not I would because a couple of things that scripts were incompatible for were really hard to event. I had to scrap Auto-Life skills and changing the "Guard" command with an upgraded one based on the equipment you use.

Instead I replaced the Auto-Life skill with something more interesting while giving armor passive effects instead of guard skills.

I hope everyone enjoys my first gaming venture, and please don't hesitate to report anything that might be amiss.

Also, I'd love to hear the builds you guys and gals use to complete the dungeon runs! There are a few that make the game a complete cakewalk, but I'm leaving it to the player's to devise a strategy based on the 10 different classes.
  • Completed
  • Arkecia
  • RPG Maker VX Ace
  • RPG
  • 01/21/2014 09:57 PM
  • 05/04/2023 09:12 PM
  • 01/29/2014
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Just updated the download real quick, was missing one animation file, but everything runs fine now. Sorry for the inconvenience!
I've always loved those "create-your-party" types of games, and I love this one even more! ^_^ Wonderful job, Arkecia!
Yeah this game does look cool! DLing now and will play after work.
Thanks for the interest guys!

I am just posting to say that I updated the demo for hopefully the final time for bugs other than grammar (which will be ironed out over the next few days all at once)

Someone had pointed out that the previous download before this post had a bug where guarding crashed the game, so if you still have the old file (at 43 downloads) just don't guard unless you download the updated game, as saves can be easily carried over if you want to guard.
This game is a freakin' blast. It could end up one of my all time favorites (among vx ace games).

One thing though, the name window didn't seem to work, so my character is named aaaaaa. It just didn't show up and I had to spam buttons to figure out how to get even a's to appear.
The name input window was replaced by one you type into like you would a word document, so if you wanted to name a character "Teresa" or whatever you'd just type the name in and press enter when you're done.

There's a couple of passwords that can be input in the game that follow the same rules, since basically it's just checking to see if the name input matches the conditional branch.

But wow; I wanted to focus on a game that was mostly gameplay to prepare for future full length projects, so I'm very glad you're enjoying what you've played thus far!
Oh I see. I use a gamepad so it didn't occur to me to type a name in.
So...that colored floor puzzle. HELP xDDD
Thanks in advance! ^_^

EDIT: I don't want the answer, I just need to know where any clues are.
The answer is on the notice posted on the wall in the first dungeon area, it gives you the needed hint on why the maintenance man won't change the flooring of the cabins (rooms). You said "colored floor" yourself, so you gave yourself a big clue right there. Keep notice of the layout of the puzzle and the area you entered the dungeon in.
oh geez, I forgot 2 other issues I had:

-it doesn't seem anybody can equip the elemental weapon augments.
-Kairos' potrait 'hangs' at the 2nd(?) safe point if you talk to him.
Just posting this to say I updated the main download to fix the remaining spelling errors and a few bugs, like:

* Weapon Element augments can now be equipped.
* A portrait of Kairos that hanged during his third conversation is now fixed.
* In the first safe zone after beating the game the player can now talk to their allies if they chose to forego class changing.
* Cleaned up text that referenced stuff I took out of the game.

Thanks for bringing two of those to my attention kalledemos. This'll be the game's last update unless someone finds something that makes the game unplayable.
how to solve the color code in floor two? i have tried to solve it using the tiles that i saw in the middle of each room..but..it seems like i can't solve it..
Hint: The puzzle layout is the same as the first area of the dungeon (first reach dungeon 2). The clues are found on the notices placed on the wall at said location.


Gray Blue Black
Red Blue Green
Just updating this to say there were a couple of skill oddities like random targeting that isn't supposed to be random, Pepper Spray raising magic instead of lowering it, and a couple of augs that just plain didn't work.

All of this has since been fixed.
Hello! Jeez I hope I'm doing this right - I registered literally today.

Anyways, I love this game so much but I found a class/skill combo that sort of broke the game for me in terms of difficulty. It's the Specialist class and its three skills Inspiration/Deluge/Drown - it let me literally breeze through Survival on my first try. Inspiration = no points loss, spam Deluge until everyone is soaked (it's free to use infinite times without using up a move) and then just drown everything.

Almost every single group of enemies dies in two turns and bosses take just one since I don't bother setting up Inspiration for a single enemy. I 1HKO'd I think every boss except for the final one who happened to be immune to water magic (or just very resistant).

The special bosses that require rank are immune to this, thankfully, but even on my second run this combo works on most things and it feels like it's not the intended experience. Just thought maybe you'd want to know in case you're still working on the game and feel like nerfing it somehow.

Otherwise - thank you for the awesome game! Art is jaw-dropping and the music is amazing I completely love it. I'm planning a new run where I'm just going to exercise self-restraint and play the game normally, I'm sure it's going to be a blast. :D

Sorry for the late reply, my internet's been out until now.

I understand what you mean; I know I wouldn't do something like that in my full length game in the works as it would totally break it; I'm actually surprised more people didn't tell me about drowning everything. It's one of a few strategies that really break the game's difficulty, and there for people clever enough to find it.

The final boss and optional bosses specifically block Drown even with Douse transferred to them to prevent it from being a complete drownfest xD There's also a few other class combinations that break everything it touches though, there for people willing to truly find the "Perfect Team" as it were; it's even possible to kill off the toughest hidden optional boss in one turn without causing instant death.

I'm glad you still love the game though! Even though drown is totally intended for people who put the right skills together, I still might change it a bit to make it where it doesn't work 100% of the time.
I am Going to play this game on my YouTube channel, Would you like a link
Sure thing; it's always fun to watch someone play through your game!
Stuck in the Sim forest. I've been to all three areas and there is nowhere left to go except the robot guy guarding the cave entrance in the south that says I am not a high enough rank yet to pass. Can't go back to the last safe area either. What to do now?
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