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Pocket Mirror is an original mystery horror adventure game made using RPG MAKER VX ACE. During the development of this game we have gotten our inspiration from various japanese RPG MAKER games of the same genre such as Ib and The Witch's House which have motivated us to create our own.

※ The game isn't suited for people with a nervous disposition for things such as horror and graphical horror such as blood and brutal deaths.
※ Please note that it relies on an exceptional amout of symbolism which may be hard to understand throughout the first playthrough, so multiple playthroughs may be advised.
※ To get the best experience out of the game we recomment the player to use headphones and adjust the screen brightness accordingly.

Latest Blog

Pocket Mirror ver. 1.3

Changelog ver. 1.3

- Replacement of various uncredited resources with original resources.
- Bug fix.
- Atribution of proper resource credits.
  • Completed
  • PM
  • RPG Maker VX Ace
  • Puzzle RPG
  • 01/22/2014 02:45 PM
  • 01/20/2023 09:44 PM
  • 07/22/2016
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I have just completed the demo.
Love the character and the background music.
I have to say that i'm reallyyyyy looking forward to the full game.
Keep it up!
You know that I’m a preverbal sucker for anything that has cute animu girls with sexy shiny graphics in it. Consider me sold!

This is great, ‘cause I’ve been looking for a couple of “newer / 2014” games to play and review, so I guess that this one’s going in the pile. *subs and adds to playlist*
people say it's a demo ,when it will be released ? i hope it's soon .
I played a little bit of the demo. I really like the aesthetics and ideas of this game. The interactivity is really nice too. The only thing that's bugging me and keeping me from wanting to keep playing is the walking movement is annoyingly twitchy. I'm not sure if it's just me getting this but it seems the player stops for half a second between each step and it's just painful. If this is fixed I would love to play more of the game.
Hm i Wonder if i can pul somethi goff here/
hhm. evne wiht the clues on th ebog ther is sitl much mystery.
Been following this on tumblr for a while, glad I can keep an eye on it here too. :D
Very pretty and nice atmosphere. I'm interested in seeing more...
I've just played the demo and it is quite and interesting game, the atmosphere is nice and the plot is giving me high expectations, looking forward to play the finished game ;)
Yes both the let's play and live play is allowed! ヾ(@°▽°@)ノ Thank you all for your support!
YES! I can't wait to play it :D Hopefully soon I'll be able to play the full game, also hope you don't mind me doing a Let's play of this? Naturally all credit will be given ^^
Great! I've been waiting for this!