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Through the Pocket Mirror. (spoilers)

  • clowell
  • 08/11/2016 02:46 AM
Alright I've been wanting to write a review for the game so let's go! It's my first review so sorry if it seems weird!!

Summary of game: Amazing game. Enjoyed every moment of it You play as a young girl who has no memories who carries a pocket mirror, the only thing linking her to a clue to them. Along the way you solve puzzles, meet cute and creepy girls, some demon dude who seems to like laughing at people a lot and then there's that girl who looks just like you in the mirror.... oh and pumpkins.

Graphics: Probably the best thing in the game. The characters have such beautiful designs, and each cg your jaw probably drops with all the details (seriously id sell my soul to that demon boy for art skills like that lol... wait that doesn't sound like a good idea oops) You also have beautiful music playing that suits every area. I can't choose which song is my favorite, but trust me, they will get stuck in your head and you will listen to them non stop. The maps look so beautiful, each area is just as stunning as the artwork. I love the little movies. When they come on, its like watching some cruel old timey movie. I love it.

Game: It's your usual horror rpg. You walk around doing puzzles and running away from people. The game isn't scary so those like me who aren't the best with horror can play without getting nightmares. Despite that some stuff is outright brutal. That couple you tried saving?
they end up killing everyone in the ballroom.
Oh and those dead character ends will hit you in the feels. The puzzles aren't to hard if you think about them or were paying attention. The hardest part is the chase scenes. I'm looking at you Lisette >:( The characters you fall in love with and the endings where they
shatter unhappily
will make you cry.

One thing I want to note is the plot. You guys said you worked more on symbolism then story development, which is a rather interesting move. But it works out. It gets you thinking, it gets you to replay the game to understand the symbolism. It makes you wonder about the whole story.

Who is Goldia really? Is she the daughter of Elise? Is she Elise reincarnated? Is she a figment of Elise's memories/an alter?? Did the dad sell his soul? did Elise sell her soul? Did something tragic happen to Goldia's family? Is Goldia have mental problems that people couldn't identify so she was sent to a mental institute where she breaks down and its all in her head and the characters are her alters? is Goldia one of the mirror residents and lost her memory living with all the others and her pocket mirror is her regalia?

Overall: Pocket Mirror is a interesting game that gives a refreshing look with stunning visuals, a interesting plot and characters.

Other notes:
The dev team is super friendly and thinks of everyone when playing the game. As a player who is hearing impaired, it made me very happy to see that there was an alternate puzzle for a sound puzzle. I also like the pumpkins, they are funny.
I really really love the names. Egliette is my favourite lol.(Heck I wrote lyrics for her theme but I'm too nervous to upload them or my pterodactyl screech called singing) I can't wait to see more of the games the team will make, I'm hoping to see more Pocket Mirror related games! You guys did a lovely job on the game!
I'll end this with a small MC doodle!

If the image doesn't work here is the link http://imgur.com/grG5rOM


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puking up frothing vitriolic sarcastic spittle
Is this formatting some sort of fucking joke or are people really this dumb?
"nothing can beat the power of gay"?
Is this formatting some sort of fucking joke or are people really this dumb?

I think it was either a mistake, or the PM team hid it on purpose to hide negative reviews.
Beta testers!? No, this game needs a goddamn exorcist!
Isn't this thing a 5-star though?
I lost my arms in a tragic chibi accident
Black text on a black background... it's invisible.

Anyway, highlighting it works, even just copy paste into Notepad is fine! A nice review too! If anyone wants to fix this, that would help. It's either a oversight by the reviewer, forgetting Black on black doesn't show, or a CSS issue, either way easily resolved.
"nothing can beat the power of gay"?
Isn't this thing a 5-star though?

I don't think that's the case. All the reviews suffer from this, so logically low ratings would as well. I guess it's like a sacrifice XD

The issue could probably be solved if you just use the color tool to make your text white.
Guardian Angel of the Description Thread
My thoughts are tending toward a CSS issue, as I think all the reviews for this game have black text on a black background. Except for Addit's (which made a comment about noticing how reviews were black-on-black, I think?) and FlareBlitzed's.

*Edit: But, yeah, one possible solution for reviewers could be to use "[color=white]" or "[color=#ffffff]".
Is this formatting some sort of fucking joke or are people really this dumb?
Your title is fitting here. As someone who wrote a review, my own experience was that this is the first game I've ever written a review for with a completely black background, that when I wrote the review it was on a non-black background where the text was completely visible, and that I thought it was CSS set up by the dev team and there was nothing I could do about it. Especially because comments on the main page automatically have white text instead of black.

I since learned about setting the color of my text, and changed my own review, but I completely sympathize with the others.
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