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The Best Horror RPG of All Time

Game 10/10

This is a relatively new game that came out in 2016. I caught the demo of this a few years ago, and I can gladly say that I am proud that I continued to follow it. It is by far the best horror rpg games out there, if not one of the best games of all time. Don't let the pretty colors and girly atmosphere throw you off - this game is dark when you look deeper into it. With its calm and endearing atmosphere, the horror in this game really catches you off guard.

Visuals 10/10

Where do I begin? From the moment you enter the first room, you know you're in for a beautiful game. You enter a bright, mystical atmosphere a with beautiful, yet natural-looking setting that has a flow that I have never seen in a game before. Each area you entered felt different from the other. You never quite get the same feeling, and that's what I love about this game. And might I add, the music helped aid these feelings even more. The soundtrack was composed beautifully and I find myself wanting to listen to them again. Not only that, the animated theaters with each of the girls are amazing. The animations are a unique with their own cut-out paper style feeling. The lines and the backgrounds are clean and look like they were done by a professional. Never have I seen animated movies in any RPG Game and it really reeled me into giving the visuals a 10/10

Characters 10/10

The MC is by far one of the most like-able characters, and that is necessary when creating any game. You want to like the character you are playing as and Pocket Mirror does this perfectly. She is kind and caring to everyone, no matter how mean they are back. Despite some of the characters being rude, that doesn't mean that they aren't deeply thought out. They all have their problems with themselves, just like the MC, and as you find out more about them, the more you feel for them. With this, I give the characters a 10/10.

Story 10/10

The story, although a tad confusing, is deeper when you start to dig into it. Without spoiling the secrets, I will review the story. While traveling through a Wonderland-like world, you are given bits and pieces of what happened to the MC. By the end of the game, you begin to piece together what happen to her and her family. They give you enough to explain the loose ends, but you'll have to figure out the meaning of everything that occurred yourself and why it was that way. The story was clearly well thought out to the point you will have to play it a second time to fully understand the story, then the secrets about the main character and what happened to her will finally click in. Pocket Mirror's living proof that even pretty games can be scary. I will be looking forward for your next game, Goody Two Shoes, Pocket Mirror Team.