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Solid Urban Legend Simulator

1-900-Gary feels like one of those Creepypasta stories you stumble across after hours of morbid stuff, it chooses to hit you with weirdness rather than horror. It feels more like an urban legend than a Stephen King book. Does this upset me? Nah. The whole package is put together nicely and snagging all the endings honestly takes no more than 15 to 20 minutes.

Standard fare for an RPG Maker game. If memory serves this was made for a 48 hour event though so the standard graphics make sense. They don't really detract or add much to the experience.

Pretty much walking around and inspecting stuff. Everything works properly and that's all you really need to know.

Basically pranks gone wrong. It's a short story already and I don't want to spoil what there is for potential players to take in. Just note that some parts get weird and are unexpected.

Minimal, although I feel that works to this game's advantage.

Despite my score of 3/5 I honestly do believe this is worth playing. The game is functional and entertains for the short amount of time it will take you to play. In fact, the time commitment being low is one of the things I would consider attractive. What reason is there not to play a 15 to 20 minute game? Props to the dev for putting out a solid piece for a limited dev time event.


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Thanks so much for taking the time to play and review. I'm very glad that you enjoyed it.
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