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I've decided to make a game using Super Mario bros. x called Mario vs. Wario. In this game you'll have to go through 6 worlds, over 100 levels. The reason to do this to get back the sunshine star back from Wario and his evil army.There is many levels.There are custom graphics.

Below I've listed all 6 worlds and 3 bosses.There are many secrets.There is many mushroom houses.There are 2 ghost houses.

World 1-Prianha plant island
World 2-Icy islands
World 3-The longest world ever
World 4-The shortest world ever
World 5-Doomland
World 6-Wario's world of evil
Boss 1-Boom Boom
Boss 2-Robo
Boss 3-Drago
Sorry I haven't figured out what the other 3 bosses are going to be yet.
Enjoy my new SMBX game! demo is ready on 2-9-14 or 2-18-14.

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If you have any problem with my game tell me please.
So far I have world 1 done and have 3 levels left for world .
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  • 02/02/2014 09:11 PM
  • 02/13/2014 01:16 AM
  • 03/22/2014
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Names for Worlds 3 + 4 got a chuckle from me. =)
World 3 is 31 levels long.
world 4 is 1 level long.
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