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What Lies Beyond The Pixelated Door?
Your Average Paper Mario Rip Off ;)

"Its leveling system, ... cute graphics, and ... fairly original story line make it worth playing."- Just Sarah (Pixel Oscar Review)

A very long time ago, there stood a kingdom, a beautiful kingdom home to pixel-like creatures that lived hand in hand with each other. One day a disaster arrived and destroyed everything in it's past. As a final resort, the magic oracle, Lady Tea, sealed the remaining life in a device made of technology beyond the comprehension of the time-period. Doing this protected the remains of the kingdom and put a pause to the apocolypse. Days turned to weeks, weeks turned to months, months turned to years, and the years turned into centuries. Slowly, this story and the kingdom, became a forgotten whisper, until now...

Spencer, the genius of the group, finds an ancient computer chip which actually holds a portal to a ruined world known as the PixelNation. Here pixelated creatures roam! When the start-up fails, Spencer and his friends, Oscar, Gabe, Nency, Helen, Eli, Adam, Ricky, and himself get transported into this magical world.
There they find a mysterious door, the only escape they have into the real world. Unfortunately the door has been closed shut for half a millennia, and the only way to open it is to gather the 7 Pixel Guardians scattered throughout the worlds of PixelNation. Gathering them will be no easy task, for they have all suffered unfortunate fates, swallowed by wicked monsters! On the other hand, a wicked clan known as the Black Lotus, wish to stop the group in their tracks and steal the precious magic beyond the Pixelated Door.

Explore the beautiful universe of PixelNation! A massive universe surrounding the ruins of the once glorious PixelKingdom. Adventure filled resorts await you as you explore a lotus lake, travel to a crystal cistern, jump through a haunted harbor, dash through a pagoda pathway, surpass a serpent sea, climb through a gargoyle garden, and live a treetop train ride!

Pixel Oscar is 100% 2D platformer with shooting mechanics. Jump your way through 8 wonderful worlds defeating bosses and saving the Pixels and Pixette Guardians of the shimmering PixelNation! Careful not to fall through the massive cliffs of each world. New techniques will be learned throughout the worlds such as, wall jumping, mid-jumping, and flightless flight! Leveling-up is crucial as well to ease future battles!

Project Leader

machogrubba14 Enterbrain Nintendo Nippon Ichi Sega(Sonic Team) Ying

Nintendo Sega Enterbrain Hitbox Team

Mog OriginalWij Tomoaky

Specail Thanks

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-this game is not perfect! Some spelling errors still exist! Please forgive!
-When hitting any kind of box, attempt hitting it from below, not from the sides!
-choose game difficulty wisely! This can not be fixed
-Do to the nature of the script, sometimes when you fall, you might see a double screen fade, I could not find a fix for this, but the game will work fine still!


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Turns out I didn't add a download link to the page! I'm really sorry to all of you who have been checking out the page! Anyways, enjoy!
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