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Congratulations! You have been selected for the debut series of Everyone is Happy! Success will mean immediate promotion to A caste for yourself and any present or future offspring.

Good luck, Citizen, and if you fail, don't be concerned. Your fate will educate and entertain the entire Democracy.


* Meaningful dialogue, which adapts to your choices and the order in which you choose to act (or fail to act)
* Character focused plot
* Secrets and clues to uncover
* Games to play, for the highest of stakes
* Multiple endings
* Romance, death and deception
* Mature explorations of issues of sexuality, power and ethics
* Your choices can mean life or death--literally--for yourself and other characters. However, the consequences may emerge only much later on... or not at all. After all, you can't influence the dead.

Main tile set used is Old School Modern, with Futuristic used for the prologue.

Latest Blog

Open2Study Game Development course

Just in case anyone reading this is interested, Open2Study (Open Universties Australia's MOOC project) has a free four week introductory course on Concepts in Game Development on at the moment. It's in its second week, but it's a very light workload (some videos and a short quiz) and takes no time at all to catch up (I did the first week in a short burst in one evening.)

It doesn't go into any depth, but it's fun, and the lecturer (from Monash university) is engaging.

(I'm a bit of an MOOC addict. Currently taking courses in coding, Greek and Roman mythology, Chinese culture, Google/media studies, and self/career development. I miss university, can you tell?)


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I'm a dog pirate
Solid use of those tiles!
I thought the Old School Modern set was really crying out to be used in a dystopian setting the first time I saw it.
Wow, graphics are great, and the features got me pumped... I'm totally subscribing this! :D

PD: The default font doesn't fit with the graphics at all, that's the only problem I see here. ^^;
Thanks for the advice, Chivi-chivik, I will look into font options!

The graphics are from a DLC pack, Old School Modern, not my own. Absolutely no talent in that direction myself. ;)
You're welcome ^^

Well, it doesn't matter. ^w^
Gonna be subscribing to this one :)
Hm i Wonder if i can pul somethi goff here/
hmm, i know someone who wants to wokr on a team as a spriter- should i ask him to drop you a line?
If he likes the idea of the project, he would be more than welcome!
@indiegamehunt: I hope I can live up to that!
"Life is a riddle I wish I had the answer for..."
This sounds very intriguing. =) Subscribed!
great graphics and mapping, character focused plot, and ethnically diverse characters?
Oh boy, I really like the idea of this. Looks really promising! Subbed!
Hm i Wonder if i can pul somethi goff here/
I found some custom windowskins and a generator for VX; if the skins for VX work in Ace they should be of use. I've discovered one can insert one's own items as well...
"wait you made this a career?"
Subscribed, looks like a great project and great use of tiles. Looking forward to it!
The title of this game totally catch my attention and the summaries looks interesting, too.

This gonna be good.

And based on the screenshots you gave here, looks like this game have a nice-art-quality.

I'm totally waiting forward for it.
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