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Through time, we all experience change

  • Tau
  • 02/09/2014 12:27 PM

What is art? Is it that perfect painting? Is it a touching song? One thing that's for sure, is that Sunset Over Imdahl is one of the few rpg maker games that can claim itself to be. The graphics and story show tremendous skill, solidifying it as one of the best rpg maker games that will ever be made. To this very day still one of my favorite overall games.

It starts out when the city of Imdahl has been under siege for over 8 months. A little 13-year old boy wanders the deserted streets of the city after tending for his now deceased mother for several days. The siege has stopped after all inhabitants of the city, except this little boy, have been killed by the plague. Struck with grief, this kid wants to do everything he can in order to settle this. A mysterious man sends him back in time in order to prevent the plague from spreading in the city. This is the start of a hectic search for the plague-carrier, which takes place through all four seasons, hopping back and forth through time

This game has a unique look, to say the least. All backgrounds have been drawn by hand, while the characters are edited/used Chrono Trigger sprites. There's nothing to worry about, though, as both blend in perfectly and give the game that extra edge. The graphics truly add to the atmosphere of the game and keeps you captivated from the very beginning to end.

The music greatly adds to the atmosphere of the game as well. It might not be composed just for the game, but you wouldn't think it. The music is from Vivaldi' four seasons. A song for each season you visit creating a different yet familiar feel, the optimism of spring to the happiness of summer. The sadness of autumn and finally the desolation of winter. The sound effects are also well placed through out to help capture each seasons splendor.

The gameplay in Sunset Over Imdahl is just as simple as the story. It's an RPG, yeah, but it doesn't revolve around leveling up, fighting and all the rest. You run around, solving puzzles and there are a few mini-games scattered throughout the story, a couple twitch-based, one focused on hand-eye-coordination and one a button-masher. Overall, though, they’re simply diversions from the main draw of the game.. the art. But while the gameplay is limited, it’s just fun to explore the city in each season and look at those beautiful screens. Really, really eye-catching, the rain in autumn for example, I just loved those little details.

It doesn't happen often, but now and then there's a game that you could just frame and hang up on a wall. Sunset Over Imdahl is such a game. Sunset Over Imdahl is an example of how, with even the most limited resources, an individual can still tell their story with such artistry that it leaves an indelible imprint on the player’s memory.