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Part of the RPG Maker Classics Archive: an initiative to upload classic RM games so they are not forgotten.

Developed by: Flare
Date of Release: 2001

Romancing Walker is a romantic RPG that follows the story of Ryle, a young man looking for his purpose. Leaving on a journey of self-discovery, Ryle eventually uncovers not only the secret of his past, but one of world-shattering importance. Joining Ryle in his travels are a bevy of lovely ladies who he may choose to romance and bond with through interactions within the story.

Romancing Walker was made in rm2k and utilizes hand-drawn anime sequences in battle, as well as pictures during important cut-scenes. The biggest draw of the game, however, is the dating simulation which allows you to bond with the other party members. The choices you make during certain scenes will either draw them closer or push them away.

While the game does suffer from 'Engrish' and bad grammar in some parts, it is considered a classic and one of the few games of its time that is complete, with a decent epic tale, interesting characters and interaction between your party. Add in the back-then great graphics in and out of battle and you have a game that is well-remembered as one of the best.

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Sounds like a detailed and fascinating game, I'll be looking forward to the download. Thank you for bringing this "classic" game to the site, I really like your idea of reviving old games and sharing them with the community
This is a classic. One of my favourite RM games of all time.
Call me strange, but I've always wanted to play this game.
You're not strange. Go play.
Fine, geez.

edit: *Dragon Quest bump sound effect*
Download must still be pending >:(

edit2: I is Download #2
Good games you're uploading man
yes very good games you upload but I have problem, so I hope somebody can help me with.
I have download the game but when I start the game I get error Cannot open file Vehicle, how can I fix this?
Do you have the RPG Maker 2000 RTP files installed on your computer? If not I recommend googling for a download (they shouldn't be hard to find but legally we're not allowed to post links to them) and installing them.

The RTP files are a pack of resources that are necessary for games made in those engines. The 2000 ones should be pretty small (less than 50MB) and it's just a matter of installing and forgetting. Any time you want to play an RM2K game, they'll 'activate' and be used so you shouldn't have that issue again.

Keep in mind that for different RPG Maker engines you have to install different RTPs. They each have different files to each other so... And make sure you download the 2000 RTP - the 2003 RTP won't work with this game (though it will work with those made in RPG Maker 2003).
I have install RTP for RPG Maker 2000 but I still get the same error
Alright. Download this file and add it to the folder named "Charasets" in the Romancing Walker folder. That should fix it.

If there seems to be any other files missing, go to where you installed the RTP, look for the specific file that's missing and copy/paste it into the relevant folder in the game folder. That should fix any of the issues.
You're magical to me.
Yeah, I'm having the same problems.

It seems like rather than referencing the RTP, the game is looking for those files in its own folders where they don't exist. Even with the vehicles file in place, the game will crash at other points, as other files are missing.

Copying over all the files from the RTP into each folder should hopefully fix the problem, like Liberty said. I haven't played this game in ages and am looking forward to re-experiencing it :D
Guardian of the Description Thread
You would think one that has played/is involved in a game like this would have played a game like this. You would be incorrect.

This issue is in the process of being rectified.
I have copy all file from RTP but now I get error cannot open file Galaxy and Chara1, what to do now?
Devil's in the details
Does Romancing Walker require RTP 1.32?

Try including these files to the RTP, maybe it will help?

I had a lot of fun playing this when I was younger. Adding dating sim elements to jRPGs works surprisingly well.
My favorite RPG Maker game of all time FINALLY comes homeā€¦
Way to go, Aremen! Thanks for uploading this awesome game! I actually thought of uploading this but I wasn't sure about uploading a game without permission from the original author.

This is, in fact, the first RPG Maker RPG I've ever played ^ ^ and probably the only RPG Maker RPG that I've played more than once (whole game).
that didn't work I still get the same error