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Part of the RPG Maker Classics Archive: an initiative to upload classic RM games so they are not forgotten.

Developed by: Flare
Date of Release: 2001

Romancing Walker is a romantic RPG that follows the story of Ryle, a young man looking for his purpose. Leaving on a journey of self-discovery, Ryle eventually uncovers not only the secret of his past, but one of world-shattering importance. Joining Ryle in his travels are a bevy of lovely ladies who he may choose to romance and bond with through interactions within the story.

Romancing Walker was made in rm2k and utilizes hand-drawn anime sequences in battle, as well as pictures during important cut-scenes. The biggest draw of the game, however, is the dating simulation which allows you to bond with the other party members. The choices you make during certain scenes will either draw them closer or push them away.

While the game does suffer from 'Engrish' and bad grammar in some parts, it is considered a classic and one of the few games of its time that is complete, with a decent epic tale, interesting characters and interaction between your party. Add in the back-then great graphics in and out of battle and you have a game that is well-remembered as one of the best.

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Yup, you need the RTP. Also found as a utility on the site.
Guardian of the Description Thread
I don't know about the Direct Draw error, but, not finding "Royal"? The game has had missing file reports in the past. However, the game also received this update to, hopefully, include those files. I'm gonna give the download a quick check to see what's up, but, my thought is that the download people are grabbing is the "main" download, rather than the one with "extended RTP". Which might be the issue.

*Edit: I can confirm that the download labeled with "extended RTP" does include Royal, but not harmony.dll. Royal exists in the "Romancing Walker/Romancing Walker/System" directory after extraction. I've looked over the directory and files of both the "Romancing Walker" and the "Romancing Walker/Romancing Walker" directories. The first is likely the original version that has missing files, such as Royal. The second, however, seems to contain all the run-time-package files associated with TsuK, and would only be missing harmony.dll.

Hopefully, this solves some of the mystery!
Now it's saying Cannot open file Royal when i try to read a signboard in the game </3
There is a utility on the site that has harmony.dll. Just google it and you should find it easily enough.
it's now saying DirectDraw Error after i copied the dll file into the game folder.any help?
There is a utility on the site that has harmony.dll. Just google it and you should find it easily enough.
i got an error saying harmony.dll not found. help pls?
It just got a new review~
i bet she's a diva with a potion popping problem
i don't know why game is buzzing, but it's a worthy one
You're magical to me.
We are not worthy! We bow before you, Lord! Thank you for hearing our prayers!
Then the LORD Aremen said unto Zack, "Behold, I will rain gams from Heaven for you; and the people shall go out and play a certain rate every day, that I may prove them, whether they will walk in My maps, or no." - 3TileRule 4:16, Holy Help File
As asked, a new file including all the RTP needed is now available. Hopefully that fixes the problem.
You're magical to me.
This seems to be a repeat problem. Dear Lord Aremen, do you have a version of the game with all the assets that we might upload (as an alternate download if you wish to keep the original) so new players may play the game without having to hunt for the missing assets?
Guardian of the Description Thread
I think "royale" was a windowskin? Maybe it was "royal"? I don't remember. However, if it's looking for a file that is part of the default run-time package, Liberty's suggestion here applies.

If it's part of Don Mugel's so-called "version 1.32 RTP add-on", it looks like that could be found via a Google search.
It's a PC exclusive game... There's no way for it to work on even Mac without some external software that messes with it.

Oh, thanks for the info anyways.
It's a PC exclusive game... There's no way for it to work on even Mac without some external software that messes with it.
Hey guys, i need some help.
I've recently obtained warp magic, but when i use it, it says "cannot find map file".
I've played and completed this game years before on PC and now I just downloaded it for Android. This isn't the first game I've played on my Smartphone, so I don't think that thats the case.
If you look in the Utility section of the site there's a download for the dll. Just put it in the game folder and it should work just fine.
I tried to play the game, but it keeps on saying Harmony.dll not found.
Unfortunately, the link to the RTP this was made with is hard to find now that the proper RTP has come out. You could try checking blade2k or rmrk forums for a link, though, or make use of google. You want the 1.8 version.