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TAGJam7 took place during Feb 8th and 9th, and required a game featuring one of three concepts - "nitrogenize", "derogative", or "squash" - and as a bonus, asked to be inspired by personal moment in the game-designer's life.

After a little thought, I decided to make a game that takes the player through dreams that I've had (I write my dreams down, when I remember them), while inserting squash in random places in the dreams.

The result is this game, Dreams About Squash, made in just two days, and featuring all-original graphics! Made by me! (I know! It's hard to believe!)

Thanks to acclivity, corsica, remoz and sihil for unknowingly providing sound effects! :P Their sounds, which can be found on freesound.org under very liberal licenses, were used in this game.

UPDATE! this game was one of the top three entries for TAGJam7! http://www.ticktakashi.com/2014/02/announcing-winner-of-arbitrary-gamejam-7.html super esteem boost++! :D

The host had this to say:
I was really shocked at how big this game was. It's definitely a funky entry. I think the "dreams" come across as "dreams" really well. It may sound strange, but this is actually noteworthy since a lot of the stuff that typically happens in games is wild and outlandish but are distinct from dreams. Many of the sequences in Dreams of Squash actually have that "I've totally had that dream before" feeling. The game is funny as well, some of the conversations in game made me chuckle, especially towards the end.

The obvious problem with this game is that there isn't really much "gameplay", strictly speaking. It feels a lot more like an interactive series of cutscenes than a game. Personally, I found it enjoyable, but I feel that this opinion is definitely not going to be universal. These types of games are definitely an acquired taste. In any case, play through it, maybe its right up your alley.

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