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Contest Entry for the RM Venture. A micro-RPG created in one week.

Lawrence, a serious and stoic knight living on the Isle of Aragorn, investigates the disappearance of the King, with his crazy priest companion, Bennet. On their journey south, they meet the mystic, Alice, who is assisting her fellow Healers at a village that has been struck down with a strange illness that started ever since a strange fellow appeared at the Ridorana Temple...

( Plot in a nutshell, really. Don't want to spoil anything )

So, this is my first ever contest entry ( and 5th RM game ) and I decided to give it a try to see what I have learned in five years with the maker and do it all in just one week.


No random encounters.
Skills either use HP, Skill Points ( the Rage meter for those of you who are familiar with BEM ) or they come from equipment. Only one character in the game learns skills through levelling.
Pretty maps. =)
Further enhance character abilites through equipabble Runes.
Two VX chars + Two Ace chars ( Lawrence, Bennet, Alice and Rick )

This little contest entry ( my first on the site ) managed to scoop the Badges of Tales, Beauty and Senses. ^^ I obviously wasn't expecting Badge of War.

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This looks nice. Looking forward to it.
This was an instant subscribe. All of the games you have created have excellent storyline.
And the download is up. I hope it isn't too bad. ^^

Btw, this is the one game I've made that one:

-Does not have female protagonist,


-Is the only game made with an RTP-only soundtrack. XD
You're magical to me.
After playing this for ten minutes, I must say, for a game made in such a short time, it certainly has a lot of polish to it! All the elements look great, and the mapping is fantastic!

I'm confused on a couple of points, but they're really just minor nitpicks. First off, from the main menu, there's no "Shutdown" option. I was playing full-screen, and had to alt-tab out just to close the game. Second, after you beat a battle, the fancy system graphic seems to revert to the RTP one when displaying the battle results. Third, on the world map, there's a big sign that, when examined, just gives a "..." response. Is this supposed to be the mudslide people were talking about?

All in all, very good, and I'll be playing this to the end to see how it turns out :D
why would i heal when i could equip a morningstar
Gonna try this now!
Btw, Shift+Z for you guys to pull statues towards you. I know some people aren't aware of it, but yeah...

@unity: Yeah, there would be a few minor inconveniences like that. Lawrence's '...' is just his way of expressing annoyance.
After you enter the room where you start the puzzles to get the water, you cant go back out to save and/or heal. Ive been able to beat the two battles but am empty of everything to continue. I have pulled the switch, moved the two statues. The three doors at the top are still sealed so I thought to go back around to the other path but it is still sealed. I have no idea what to do. Maybe (probably) my mind is too slow to figure it out, but not being able to heal up or especially SAVE is proving to be a problem. I hate making progress but then losing and needing to start the whole section over and over.
@Roy: You have to move the two statues in the 3-door room onto their respective plates until the red and blue orb becomes active. A message will show up when you've unlocked that door.

In the eastern room ( where the door was locked ), you will find yourself in another room. There are two more statues in that room. Pull the first statue onto the first statue ( the one in the middle ) onto the plate where the blue orb is. Then move the statue behind that onto the yellow orb. You'll then unlock both paths to the south and get the Gate Orb to pass through the door.

Hope that helps. =)
It did thanks.....finally made it to where after getting all the nice runes, I have two doors to go through. I can only hope one of them leads to a save spot. There is a lot of area to cover in this part of the game and if you back track and re-enter the baddies are back. No way to save so far and each battle uses resources that dwindle because you dont always get something which helps. The no save ability is a real pain and discourages players. Course I am just a whining pussy maybe too.

Wait....The Chamber Of Life.....I made it this far finally and have my Hero the only one left alive and he is hanging on by the skin of his scrotum.
No door opens anywhere. If this means having to go all the way back to the beginning of this area and fighting all the same baddies again and still at this point not being able save....well!
Nope, the Chamber of Life does have save Point. It's that pink crystal. Then examine that sparkle by the statue. A scene will trigger.
Thanks, Yuna....The problem is, the room with the RED Pedestal....is that double door supposed to open into the room where the Pink pedestal is? If so, the doors arent opening
No, that double door is a dummy door. The save point is inside the Chamber of Life.
The dungeon concludes in that room.
Ok I feel so dumb...where IS the Chamber of Life then? I am so tired of this area!
It's in the beginning of the dungeon, down that centre path. If you activated all the switches in both rooms ( The Blue Fire Gate and the Green Fire Gate ), a path will open up.
This crappy gam already has 100 DLs...?
I'm a dog pirate
Lol I said the same about mine.
I'm suprised that the Venture Entries have subscribers as well. XD Given that it's a once off thing.
You're magical to me.
Even though it may seem a bit silly, I subscribed to A) show my support for the developer (you in this case ^_^ ) and B) to get notices about improved versions and/or new content, should such a thing ever become available for the contest games.
Maybe I will add optional stuff to the game for future released. Making short games is kinda fun. But the restrictions for this particular entry meant that my creative output was a bit limited. XD *generic evil stuff*
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