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There will be a new version

  • orochii
  • 12/20/2014 08:57 PM
So, here is how this will go. I'll leave the actual version up. But I'm going to make a new one, expanded and all that stuff.

This game will be episodic. I'll need to add support for saved games from previous episodes, so you don't lose your stuff (this could make things much more complicated for me, but let's see how this ends up being). There are some things I will update at the first episode, like Poison and probably other ailments not being removed even if you die.

I'm re-reading all comments and reviews and making a list of things to resolve. So expect a new version for episode 1. After this is made (1-2 days I hope?), I'm starting the next episode. Let's see how much time I take at making a next episode for a game that was made in a week. I know it will take more time, because I need to put some thought on how the story will follow.

Here is a list of things I'm considering right now:
- A certain song will be replaced. Heh. Yes, lava section song.
- I need to get rid of Dark Souls and Morrowind SFXs.
- Dead removes Poison. It's something I can fix from the database.
- Story. Story will be 1 out of 2 things I will have in my mind for some time... As for eating and other vital things, I leave them to my instincts (sorry if I bite you mom, I was hungry).

So that's it. Thanks for reading and be seeing you again.