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New version of chapter 1

  • orochii
  • 12/26/2014 09:19 PM
So there is that. I've updated the download. It's the same chapter as before, I mean, the same game. But here are the changes made.

CHANGES from v0.999999 to 1.0
- Added a new miniboss.
- Death status now removes all your bad statuses. Heh.
- Changed the song at the lava section.
- Changed the light overlay because why not. I think it looks pretty <3.
- Changed sounds to something not ripped.

- Changing the image at the end of chapter to something not taken from Google.

Mainly I'm removing things like ripped sounds and random Google images and doing small fixes. As for the image at the end of the chapter... urgh, I need to paint something, I suppose... It will take some more time. So I leave it there by now...

There is also some things already in the works. But I'm leaving them "locked" for now, since they need some work.

Thanks for reading!