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New Version Released!

  • Sated
  • 07/12/2015 03:19 PM
I've added a new download for this game. Most of the changes made are aimed at balancing the battles so that they're more difficult than they were in the previous version, but there also some other changes thrown in for good measure. Most of the changes that I was hoping to make are discussed in this blog-post, but I'll give a quick run-down of the changes here.

Balance Changes

As explained in the previous blog post:

  • Most enemies have had their HP raised by at least 50%. This means that it takes more than just a couple of attack-all skills to wipe out enemy parties. This isn't true for some enemies that already had a lot of HP; I don't want enemies to have too much health!
  • Most enemies have also had their attack, intellect and defence increased by approximately 20%. I was originally only going to change the main attack stat that enemies had, but I think this was the better change.
  • In addition to modifying enemy stats, I've also made it so that most enemy skills now do exactly 40 more base-damage than they did before.
  • Poison and Burn are now retained after battle, and so need to be dealt with if you don't want to take damage whilst moving. They also won't wear off naturally (unlike other status effects), so they need to be dealt with in boss battles as well!
  • Enemies that accompany bosses have higher HP in line with the fact that they're technically boss enemies themselves. This should make some of the boss encounters more interesting, such as the Frost Wyrm and the Skeleton King.
  • It also seems that healing skills were too strong, so they've been nerfed twice over. Firstly, they now cost the same as they originally did, which is twice as much as they do in the current release. They also heal by less than they did before (but more than they originally did) so you're going to have to be more careful with MP use on your chosen healer.
  • Oh, and the last boss is much more of a bastard now: That's for sure!

The aim of these changes is to make it so enemies are dangerous enough that attempting to button-bash through several battles will get you killed, but not so dangerous that any single battle (other than boss battles) is capable of completely wrecking your shit. What I'm aiming to do is make the game a battle to survive in the sense that, because there's are a limited number of items you can get whilst in the dungeon, you'll need to be efficient to get all the way through the game without straight-up running out of ways to heal yourself. My testing seems to indicate that I'm close to that level of danger, although it wouldn't shock me if I've gone slightly too far. What I do know is that the game isn't as hard as it originally was, which I'm trying pretty hard to avoid, and that it's possible to complete the game with a variety of party compositions. As long as you're sensible about having a good balance between support/damage-dealing classes, you should be able to make it through.

Skill Loci and Focus Loci

Probably the biggest addition to the game in this version are "Skill Loci" and "Focus Loci", equippable items that either allow your heroes to use new skills or give them a boost to their stats. You will get one of each whenever you open a chest whilst travelling through Nyodymous Cave, and they've been added to the game so that the player has more customisation options than they did in the previous version (you could only find rings and amulets in the previous version!). A word of warning: The stronger the Loci, the more it's a detriment to the things that it doesn't improve!

Skill and Focus Loci give the player more options for customising their heroes!

Other Stuff

I fixed a bunch of things that didn't really make sense in the last release. For example, as I made obvious in the last blog post, I've fixed the bridges so that they're a lot easier to spot. I've fixed Feylin's "Sacrifice" and "Mass Sacrifice" skills so that they can only be used in battle, as originally intended (this wasn't as trivial as it sounds!). I've also made it so that Elene's Tarot skill is properly animated as previous there was a ~1 second waiting time between the animation finishing and damage being dealt that was incredibly jarring. There's a bunch of other stuff that I've also fixed or tweaked, but most of it is minor optimisation of events or the fixing of small bugs (ie. passability errors) so I won't go into them here.


Some stuff was fixed. Some stuff was added. Some stuff was re-balanced. The game should be better now. I hope people enjoy it more than the last release and I look forward to hearing people's comments!