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Don't have RTP? Download the Non-RTP Version of the game here.

To those who have the Bitmap error, please re-download, I'm very sorry for the inconvenience (Again). Because I have no idea why the game cannot detect an RTP tileset file despite re-installing RTP and all that, so as a replacement, I decided to use another tileset. (This only applies to the RTP Required version, the non-RTP version works fine.)

If you are having trouble fighting Nightmare (Inverse Mode) and losing because Isabelle kept dying, my advice is to keep Isabelle in full health at all times until Ernest can set up a Realizer Barrier.

When you start the battle, use Dark Entice on the 3rd turn and so on whenever Dark Entice is available to use.

If you follow the steps, you should be able to win 75% of the time.
(I tested the battle 4 times and lost once thus 75%.)


You have no idea who you are.
You have no idea what happened.
All you know is that the world is in thrown into chaos.
By evil creatures otherwise known as spirits.
You joined hands with an AST Member.
Which otherwise stands for Anti-Spirit Counter Force.
But you have no time,
because you are fading together with the world.
Your one chance at survival,
is to find out your lost memories,
and save the world.
But is that what you want?

- My failed attempt at a poem.

- Defeat Spirits to obtain their Spirit Mana to extend your life time.
- At last count, if you manage to defeat EVERY SINGLE MONSTER in game,
your life expectancy excluding ending + beginning is: 41 minutes.
Meaning you MUST reach an ending by the end of 41 minutes.
- Limited Resources to use.
- In order to obtain the Proper Ending (Not Good Ending):
You must obtain a Book that can be found in the Mastermind's Castle

  • Puzzles
  • Time Limitations
  • Touch-Based (Boss/Powerful Monsters) Encounter
  • Combination of ABS + Turn Based Battle
    The ABS portion is a half puzzle, half boss fight. (Meaning Puzzle Boss)
  • Two Endings! Proper and Bad Wrong Ending.
  • Awesome Music (IMO)
  • Great Mapping (Again IMO, see screenshots to judge.)
  • It's quite challenging... - That's probably due to my lack of time to balance the game. But still entirely beatable.
  • I've exhausted my list of features...

Infinite Loop, a small RPG made in 1 week for the RM Venture.
This is my first contest entry and also my first completed game.
Ah, what an achievement...

Be sure to let me know what you think, because the ABP part of it will be integrated onto my main game and I'm using this to test it :D

Getting the Proper Ending:
Once you reach the 4-way junction, follow the direction below:
- Head RIGHT
- Head DOWN
- Head UP
- Head UP
- Enter the door
- Solve the puzzle
- Obtain the book
- Continue from there :D

Latest Blog

Is this game as good as it is?

Like what the title says!
Is this game good enough for it to be the final version?
(In terms of bugs/flaws that makes this game decent enough to be played.)
Is the game too hard or is the difficulty just right?

Let me know!

Also, is the ABP portion laggy when played on Windowed Mode or only on full screen mode?
Because for me it's only a bit laggy on Full Screen Mode.
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  • RPG Maker VX Ace
  • RPG
  • 02/13/2014 02:01 PM
  • 04/17/2014 04:05 AM
  • 02/15/2014
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You're magical to me.
Been playing for about 15 minutes. I'm really liking the fast-paced battles and the game's unique feel :D
Glad you enjoyed it so far ;)
Man, this game gave me a headache -_-; ...Normally, I would encourage this type of gameplay. You know, keeping things fresh, changing the game dynamics to keep players interested, etc. BUT only given that there's enough time to let the regular gameplay grow a little stale and as long as there's a decent difficulty curve to ease the player into it.

However, I felt these things were not present here. This game just throws things at you mercilessly: Now find this, find that! Now hack at the bad guy! Now get out of the maze! Now solve riddles! Now doge bullets! Would you like a tutorial on this? Would you like a tutorial on that? Etc. I mean, it's too much to take in for a game of this scope, and the fact that you have a countdown doesn't help.

Talking about that, my first impression was: "Oh, a 10 minutes time limit? That probably means the game is like 8 minutes long with 2 extra minutes to spare. Cool!" But, oh boy, I was wrong. Maybe this is more my fault, but I'm kind of neurotic about a game keeping a time limit on me, as I'll often re-play various sections of it in order to beat my previous time or hoping for better rewards, etc. So, in the long run, a game that would normally take 30-60 minutes to beat, will soon double, triple, or more, that amount of time... But I think even a player without my gaming habits will be redoing parts of this game several times, as the game makes it very easy for the player to fail.

My first issue would be that it's very easy to get cornered in the ABS sections. The mapping on the first battle (the city) is way more chaotic that it needs to be. How can I walk over a bench, but not over a pool of blood of jump over a small fissure on the ground? This hampers the navigation of the map, and like I said, makes it possible to get cornered. Once you're cornered, the bad guy will just spam you to death and BAM! You have to try again from your last save. This is less of an issue in the second ABS battle, but getting cornered is still very detrimental. I would suggest you to device a way in which getting cornered is just not possible at all.

My second issue would be that the game is rather unbalanced. In theory, Isabelle can get killed in just two turns, or in any single turn against more than one enemy, since I noticed all enemies had an attack that could take more or less 50% of her maxHP. And if you get unlucky, well, that's it. And it's not cost-effective to heal her every turn because that can take a dive on your resources, so, you have to take your chances. And if we add to this that any regular battle takes several turns to end, well... And don't even get me started on the bosses. As a general rule of thumb, if you can describe something as "overpowered" refrain yourself from including it in the game, unless you give the player a similar advantage. Because keeping up with the bosses and hacking away at their HP is a chore.

At the end, I sank nearly three hours on this game and only to get the bad ending xD such is my luck... If there was a clue hidden somewhere, something I had to do to get the real ending, I totally missed it. And I don't feel like starting all over again, if that's what it takes. xP

Regarding the other aspects of the game, they were good. The story was a bit cliche-y, but the actual writing was good; the mapping was good; the music was good. But I guess I didn't enjoy these things nearly as much as I could have because of the gameplay... sorry.
Thanks for the feedback and I agree with you on a lot of points.
I tried to let my real life friend play and he gave up at the second boss because he was so close to winning but got OHKOed xD.

With that said, I will find some time to polish up the game a little as you know, this was made in 7 days and things are bit of a rush for me having to balance real life and gam making and it ended up me having not a lot of time to balance the game.

I'll probably ease the mapping of the city to make it more navigable. Also maybe pause the time on certain longer cutscenes in exchange for small amounts of time.

Hopefully this will make the game more bearable!
Also, thanks for taking the time to grind through the game and finishing it :D

Edit: Ah. I guess the entrance to the secret room looks almost exactly identical to the entrance to the room you can't turn back after entering lol. That would explain why even after seemingly trying everything I still couldn't find it XD.
So I just noticed you took some inspiration (and one or two songs) from De Date a Live! I've never watched that show but after clicking on related soundtrack links forever I stumbled upon it. Maybe I'll check it out lol.
For a moment there I thought no one would ever know
where the inspiration for this game came from XD.

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