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The second novel in the Mafiosi series, Mafiosi: Famiglia Cosa is a kinetic novel about a mafia family known as the Gallos. The story is told through the eyes of the young men and women of the Gallo family, who range from the ages of 11-24, as they begin to enter into a life of crime.

WARNING: If you have yet to read the first novel in the series, “Mafiosi: Le Loro Cosa”, it is highly recommended you do so before reading the following spoilers!


The story begins 9 years after Mafiosi: Le Loro Cosa. Xander Gallo is now bitter, alone, and out of control. He is causing problems for not only other families within the crime syndicate, but for the younger Gallo members as well. Those who remained behind to continue the family legacy are soon forced to take sides with or against Xander Gallo, while others who have seemingly moved on with their lives are pulled back in against their will.

Mafiosi is a tale of loyalty and deceit, murder and survival, and both the strength and frailty of familial bonds. This particular novel serves as the second part of a much longer saga, following the Gallos from childhood to old age as they are pitted against the outside forces of the mafia world, and eventually, each other as well.

As with the previous novel, this installment is divided into four books (24 chapters total). Expect many unexpected twists and turns, questionable alliances, and false setups within.

Rated 16+ (to be safe) for language, adult situations, and violence.
WARNING: If you have yet to read the first novel in the series, “Mafiosi: Le Loro Cosa”, it is highly recommended you do so before reading the following spoilers!



Izzy Gallo- 16 years old. Oldest niece of Xander, and subjected to most of his abuse.
Burtie Gallo- 17 years old. Youngest son of Xander. Finishing high school, working for Xander.
Kevin Gallo- 24 years old. Xander’s nephew, and 2nd in command of the Gallo businesses.
Amy Gallo- 15 years old. Youngest daughter of Xander. Has moved on from past traumas with the help of her best friend and boyfriend.
Ron Gallo- 19 years old. Oldest son of Xander. Currently studying in University, unable to cope with the criminal lives of his family members.
Maya Gallo- 11 years old. Youngest niece of Xander. Dreams of a better life elsewhere.

Side Characters
Shana Gallo– 21 years old. Plays a minor role in this novel.
Xander Gallo- The leader of the family business. Alcoholic, disrespected by all.
Dean Gallo- A cousin of Xander, hired for odd jobs.
Bella- Amy’s best friend.
Thomas- Amy’s Boyfriend.
Rachel- Kevin’s fiancée.
Anya- A beautiful and mysterious girl who befriends Ron.
Tony- half-sibling of Mariella, vying for power over an organized criminal estate.
Mariella- half-sibling of Tony.
Armond Smythe- Mariella’s fiancée.

Latest Blog

Blog #15 - All 24 chapters now available!

I finished my playthrough/editing session today, so everything is finally available online for you to enjoy!

I released Windows, Mac, and Linux versions all at the same time, unlike what happened with the first novel in the series. Kinda unfair to make other users wait, so it's all there.

Thanks to all who have been following along with this novel, and look forward to seeing Mafiosi 3's page up sometime this week!

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We do not condone harassing other members by PM.
No comments at all after all this time? is this bad? i cant have this!
ive seen how much work and time people put into games and wont let a maker get no feedback at all
regardless of how good it is!
Vns generally arent my thing
as they rely on a good story for it to be a good game and most people dont write storys that keep my attention and interest.
but ill check this out and whether i like it or not ill give my honest thoughts.
later tho
for now ill just share : D
Haha thanks! You're right, a profile feels a tad incomplete without comments, so thanks for livening it up a bit!
We do not condone harassing other members by PM.

A really lot to say
Really deep character,im completely dragged into the story
and the feelings the character has
were quite common for me back then...i had to stop playing after a while because i needed to cry
thinking about some moments..
but then after the train seen,her beliefs contradict everything ive been led to believe about this character.
she seemed to understand the world but then
she thinks its weird to want to be alone(this is wrong)
humans are supposed to be social(also wrong this is a choice)
humans need others to be happy(also wrong this is a choice and contradicts how she acted around everyone up to this point)
O.O What is maya wearing!? she is 11 years old!
ok...to be honest i don't do well with depressing things,i have a strong hatred towards suffering,abuse,and people who force others to do "favors" for them
you gave enough information
so the player could figure out the sad truth w/o upsetting them to a breaking point by going into detail about it.
im seriously glad for that if that scene went any farther in direct detail i coulnt play anymore....my anger was getting to high...

because of the now touchy scenario id feel pretty messed up if i said i liked this,i know plenty of people including myself who have been thru screwed up things. so in terms of...a game id say its terrible and depressing.
as a story its rather well written(for the most part) in describing the feelings of a character with a unreasonably tough life
for that good job i haven't played that many vns for this long and stayed interested.

a couple grammar mistakes

One difference between me and the starting character,is that i wouldn't of stood for the abuse,even if the law wouldn't help me which it would of at that time.i would of ran away or killed the uncle
either way a part of me just sees her as stupid for not doing something about it.
ive been in those shoes living with a irrational drunk
i speaking from experience.

After finishing this
Iffy-poor iffy :( please let the uncle rot in despair...
but she is a seriously flawed character
believes people should want to be around others yet hates amy for doing so...i want to pity iffy but seriously.

Kevin-i respect this guy so much...i lost a little when he said he found a reason to try because of a baby tho...

Ron-did not care about this character at all

amy-her story makes me happy as hell i was not born in japan,judging a person based on what your family did it retarded.

maya-not much about her personally,but that lady.....god i hate the japanese culture >.>
she thinks murder irrelevant to this kid is more serious then harrassing this little girl....if could of went into the story at this point...

Burtie-with a father like that it cant be helped that he turned out twisted but because of his actions i dont pity him at all.

overall thoughts-im nto fond of suffering,i personally already know despair in this world...from a unbias point of view ignoring rons story
and grammar mistakes.
this was a well written story
that kept me interested with what was going on with most of the characters.
naturally my biggest disappointment is the uncle was not killed in this chapter,im somewhat tempted to read more to see him have a miserable end but by the way the story went i have a feeling that would be put off which would only upset me so i think ill pass.
id recommend this to people who
A.want to see a realistic scenario thats probably worse then your current life is to feel better
B.Your a sadist who likes causing people pain.
other then that this is probably not for you.

a rating is difficult a theres grammar mistakes and this doesn't finish the story. so i wont rate it :3
tho im a tad upset right now
this was worth playing
Great job on this : D

Awesome feedback, thanks so much! I realize it's not a story for everyone, and I'd be lying if I said things don't get more violent and depressing from here (omg, you have no idea lol). However, I believe a big part of what makes the beginning of this story have such an impact is reading the first novel first, and seeing how different the characters are, now that they're older.

P.S. I am more than happy that you've given your thoughts on each character. Your reactions to each of them, for the most part, are exactly as I'd hoped everyone will feel at this point in the story :)
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