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Blog #10- More on M2 and M3!

  • sbester
  • 11/26/2014 01:46 AM
I hate posting a blog every time I finish off one measly little chapter, but it *has* been almost a month since the last update. Apologies for that.

I spent most of this month getting the rest of the Mafiosi 3 project ready to be worked on. The music is all picked out and all appropriate info has been entered into the Ren'py engine. Aside from a few small sound effects, it's completely ready to go! I even put in the titlescreen background into the engine, along with the titlescreen music. It looks/sounds incredible!

As for Mafiosi 2, I just finished chapter 14. Yeah, it took me this long to get to it. I know.

You know those chapters that when you begin writing them, you know the A and B, but you don't quite know exactly how to get from the A to the B? It was one of those ones, but it turned out great! I actually ended up building on a relationship that was previously (practically) nonexistent, so that'll add some extra oomph to the rest of the novel and its sequel. Wait, shouldn't I say sequel*s*? Haha, cryptic. Maybe death is at one of their doors, or perhaps both of them!

Only 10 chapters to go!


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And just like that, chapter 15 is done too!
Fun fact, the word count is now tied with that of the entire first novel, and there are still 9 whole chapters and an epilogue left to write :)
Slow month so far, just finished chapter 16.
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