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Blog #11- Holidays are over!

  • sbester
  • 01/09/2015 10:04 PM
Just finished chapter 17, so we're getting really close to the third release! Just gotta do one last chapter, and then do my read through edits.

As should be expected, I didn't get anything done over the holidays on this. Just too much going on all at once. It's also a bit overwhelming, launching into the final part of the story and trying to make sure all my loose ends are tied and that there aren't any blatant plot holes that I may have missed. Unfortunately, that can happen when a lot of things are happening off-screen. However, I'm finding new ways to tighten everything up as I move along, so I get more and more confident with each passing chapter.

To loyal readers, I request that you stop on by VNDB (Visual Novel Database) and rate the first game if you have an account there. It's doing about as well as expected thus far, albeit with only 4 raters. I'm hoping this sequel will have better results, as I truly believe it's a much better piece of writing overall.

Anyways, the next blog may just be a release announcement. Stay tuned!


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Ch.18 is complete! Release coming soon!
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