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Blog #13 - Entering Final Phase

  • sbester
  • 02/08/2015 11:17 PM
I knocked off chapter 19 last weekend, and finished off the 20th earlier today. The novel is at 80,000+ words now, with only four chapters left to be written. I'm definitely getting excited for the ending, when the ideas in my head will finally become words on the screen.

There are so many little details that I keep having to work out along the way, but luckily, it's been going well so far. It was much easier during my unemployment stint because I could just pick it up whenever I wanted, but now I'm back to weekends only. Being so close to the end, however, it has really pushed me to keep at it. As Mafiosi 3 will be yet another new beginning, I expect I'll be eager to jump into that right away too.

Expect another update after the next couple chapters are completed. We're almost done!


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Long weekend, and I've already knocked off chapter 21!

Hopefully I can get at least one more done over the next couple days.
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