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It is done!

I'm kind of afraid some of you will be let down, but nonetheless, I've finished. There are a few things that are kind of off in it. Specifically, Khar looks like Alex because I don't have a sprite. And I think there's been a crash or two I couldn't reproduce. Save often! If anyone can figure out what's happening I'd love you a long time~<3 Minno never really returned from those difficulties she was having... I hope she's okay!

If you find any glitches, don't be afraid to tell me! I'm sure there are some since testing = 1 speed run by me. Yeaaah, not the best testing in the world.


We'll finish we swear~<3

So, following adding a bunch of screenshots to tease you guys with the pretties, Minnow said it'd probably be best to say we ARE going to finish this.

In fact, we have a new target day; this Monday! With my judging in the event we missed getting our project done for, and some things Minnow has to do in real life, we'll have spent approximately one extra week on this little project. It was hard getting the narrative and battles in the way we wanted them and we kind of missed the deadline trying to last minute everything. Including 88 skills. Yeah, we could've done with some better planning I think.

We took our time with this though and I think it's coming out nicely. The dialogue is a little silly, but I think it just adds to the charm the graphics pull off nicely. Everyone clap for Minnnow~ Moral of the blog: Look out for RTP this Monday~<3

" everyone clap for minnow. she's special. she needs it. "
--- Minnow, 2014 ---
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