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Sacred Reviews: 'Heroes' and 'Demons'


"'Heroes' and 'Demons'" is a short comedy game developed by TheRealDMac using RPG Maker VX Ace and was intended to be an entry in an unmentioned event. An event that was all about building a game that has an opening, a final boss fight, and an ending. So I guess this was meant to be understood as an encounter of the boss kind or something like that.

At any rate the humor in this game is pretty meta with the final boss telling his minions to become merchants and travel in groups for their protection. After all, it's pretty easy for an end tier level player to crush a single minion, but dealing with ten minions at once might prove to be an actual challenge. He also suggests putting tables in front of their houses since the 2D nature of their world means tables are effectively impenetrable barriers. So you should definitely use them to ensure the hero and his teammates can't physically reach you. Though, I suppose I should stop giving away the basis for all of the jokes and talk about the story itself.


You play as the final boss of a video game whose empire is crumbling at the hands of might heroes. In order to change your fate you decide to travel back in time to a point where the hero and his friends were weaker and thus more manageable. It's then that you learn that the game's story centers around a whole bunch of time travel bullshit as well as hero that can't accept that the princess isn't that into him.

And much like a certain demon in "Dragon Half" the hero decides to say %$#@ it to meaningful combat and to just kill you anyway.


The game features a pair of battles with you fighting the same foe both times. It's just in one version he has taken on the default form of the final boss for generic RPGs made with RPG Maker VX Ace while in the other he still possess his human forms as well as has access to his comrades.

As far as the harder battle goes you'll need to rely on standard tactics for dealing with enemies in RPGs. For starters you'll want to take down the healer on the enemy team. After all, who wants to have their efforts to destroy their enemies undermined by a healer casting a powerful healing spell? The obvious answer to that question is no one which is why she needs to go down first. After that you'll probably want to pick off the enemy mage next since magic users tend to be the most capable when it comes to bringing the pain in most games. After that you can focus your efforts on whoever you want.

You also come into the battle with a few items. So feel free to use them to your advantage if you need them. Though it is possible to get through the battle without them in my experience if you target enemies in the correct order.

Graphics and Sound

As far as I can tell the game relies entirely on RTP assets. As such the game looks and sounds alright, but is indistinguishable from hundreds of other games made with this software that are freely available.


"'Heroes' and 'Demons'" is a solid event game. Albeit it does appear this game was a little too late to be an official entry in the event it was built for, but I'm willing to overlook that little detail. After all, it was still built with a game jam in mind. On the other hand, the game's comedy may be rather hit or miss with people. So I'd suggest taking a look at this one at your own peril.