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Two years have passed since the Great War II in the Highland Continent which came to end thanks to Gallo, Erue and his friends. But for the people of Highland, it was years of rebuilding. The Acerbus's horde of monsters laid waste on many fellow friends and innocent people."

"West of Highland, the Cunabula Continent was unharmed during the two Great Wars, the lands were rich with revenue and crops. People of this great Continent enjoyed years of solitude and peace, little did they know this was all going to change real soon..."

"A young spoiled-greedy prince from the Kingdom of Creator in Cunabula, has been given permission from his father to locate the ancient rumored text of Magicis. After learning of the Savior of Lux, Erue, Prince Milford's ambition boiled. He assembled a company of solider who would help him locate the hidden text of Magicis..."

"Little did the people of Cunabula know, brewing out of the ashes from the Great Wars, A entity was on the rise. Created due to the negative energy exposed to Fuit during the two Great Wars in the Highland Continent, DOLOR was born."


Like the it's predecessor, death may occur for some characters in battle and will alter their endings.
Sharpening system for weapons, Finishers for each character, magic type characters, new stats and classes.
20 playable characters, but this time only 6 in the battlefield.
Allowed to change characters during battle.
Different monster sprites and a new fighting command layout.
Longer than one hour, with towns and dungeons to explore. More of a JRPG experience.

The first game will get a huge makeover in the future.

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