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-----When all hope is lost, shouldn't that be a good excuse to give up? Horrible things can happen. Every day is a struggle where people are in pain and agony and there's nobody to help them. The destruction and chaos has persisted...for too LONG.

-----"It's been 5 years since all this dark madness got unleashed upon this world! You think it's going to stop by itself without a hero to save it?", said Great King Kaidor, the leader of a grand kingdom suffering through the clutches of darkness. His son, Prince Zarin, reluctantly responded with, "Sigh... All right,"

-----Prince Zarin is a fairly spoiled man; he doesn't accept responsibility very well. His father has been fighting off the demons for years now, but he just prefers to stay in the castle and relax.

-----YET that same irresponsible man is to be trusted with the legacy of obtaining the Sword of Light III, a powerful sword that is kept on guard on top of a black tower. This legendary sword is the only weapon that can even come close to being able to leave a scratch on the grand ultimate Demon Lord, Nakatakot.

-----Prince Zarin's father and grandfather have successfully been able to defeat Nakatakot's two most trusted warriors; the Trickster of the Night, and the Dark Overlord using the Swords of Light, I and II. 'Twas no easy feat, but those short moments of peace in-between each and every single victory kept the people going through the traumas they endured.

-----Fate has already decided. Although Prince Zarin is an unlikely candidate for the mission that he has to perform, eventually, his responsibilities, his burdens, his obstacles will all come back to face him, and when he's truly ready, he will rise victorious on the occasion and he will become the final everlasting champion that people will look back upon in awe centuries from now. The Demon Lord Nakatakot has held his reign of terror for too long. He needs to be knocked down from his throne of Hell and slain, so that everlasting peace can inspire the people once more.

Are YOU ready to partake on Prince Zarin's dangerous mission?


I have just released a new version of Sword of Light III that fixes the following glitches:

- The character sprite that unintentionally appears at the final ending cutscene has now been hidden from plain sight.

- The blinded animation should now correctly appear on your first encounter with the Demon Vipers.

- Prince Zarin should have a good handful of Herbal Medicines to help him off with the earlier encounters.

- The description for The Legendcaller weapon has now been changed to fit within the confines of the description preview window.

Downloading this game using the button on the logo should automatically redirect you to Version 2.0 of my RPG, Sword of Light III.

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Thank you for this fantastic RPG that you made man, fantastic story epic monster and a lot of feeling,your other 2 games you've made was fantastic but the 3rd games is the best, i hope you continue made games like this.
Thank you so much for your kind feedback, Larry123. It really meant a lot to me. You don't know just how much you made my day, dude. :)

I have been making and publishing games for a while now and it really makes me so glad to hear that I have positively influenced at least one person's life if not just for an hour or two. Game design has been my passion for many years and I have spent a lot of time learning the different features of the RPG Maker engine. Working with the engine and designing enjoyable games has been an amazing experience for me, but just as important is the people who come and sacrifice their time to just try out my RPGs and play them. I sincerely appreciate you taking your time to try out my Sword of Light games and the good review you gave for them. I truly hope you stay tuned for more updates from my Sword of Light III RPG and I just want to wish you an amazing rest of the week. You are just awesome, man. :D
damn everytime its say dl failed. Too much hassle so far.
Here's a download link to the .dll file right here.

When you get the .dll file, try pasting it inside the System folder of the Sword of Light III V2.0 folder, then try running the Game.exe file again to see if it works.

Send me a message regarding your play status after following the instructions above. I am terribly sorry for your inconvenience.
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