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Aluxes, Dorothy and Gloria renowned Gem Hunters who once defeated the Lich lord set out to stop a new more sinister evil.

Built using a hybrid of RPG Maker XP and RPG Maker VX Ace.

The game world exists in something called the Infinitum which is a universe of small world which can be accessed by using Rune words. Aluxes and company already have several rune words at the start of the game but more can be unlocked as you play through the main story.

Originally created for the RPG Maker Venture a lot of planned content was cut but the following features made it:
  • Procedurely generated overworlds.
  • Gem System.

The Gem System is a method by which you can customise skills in battle ad hoc. For example using Crimson Ruby in combination with a skill will make it a multi-target skill. There are only 3 gems in the current version of the game, I hope many more will follow.

The next version due out for the January Blues contest at HBGames and the Talking Time contest will hopefully also have:
  • Improved Gem System including more Gems.
  • Party system where you can recruit more allies to help you.
  • Enemy improvements such as having unique skills.

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The gem system and the "procedurely generated overworlds" system are both good ideas. The latter reminds me of the ".hack" series. My only worry is that randomly generated worlds may not translate too well to rpg maker. Vast, open areas are often considered bad mapping... Maybe if you made the different worlds to actually be "overworlds", you know, as in: "worldmaps"?. That little trick may make it easier on the players to assimilate the lack of detail. Dunno, but I'm sure you'll figure something out.

Anyway, I couldn't finish the game because I got several errors while playing, but you probably know about that already... Here they are:

When trying to buy a gem at the store:
Script 'interpret 7' line 272: NameError occurred
uninitialized constant interpreter::Game_gem

When trying to use a skill with no gem:
Script 'Scene_Battle 3' line 80: NoMethodError ocurred
undefined method 'useable?' for nil:NilClass

During the battle against the last boss:
Script 'Scene_Battle 3' line 232: NoMethodError ocurred
undefined method 'active=' for nil:NilClass
I thought I fixed all of those, later when I'm not about to go to work I'll check the download was updated. If not oops.

Thanks for the feedback though. When I get the dungeons to generate it'll probably be better as they're smaller and more detailed. Also looping maps.
Well, I seems the "oops" was on my part. I donwloaded the games the very first day and I didn't bother to check for updates after that. Anyway, I redowloaded the game just now and I could beat it this time; there are no more game-breaking bugs. Still, sometimes when your turn comes up, the skills menu appears displayed for some reason. You may want to look into that.

All in all, not bad for a game made in 24 hours. =P
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