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Title: Ayask
Engine: Rpg Maker 2000
Genres: Suikoden-like / Old School
Status: Completed, but currently in translation
Year: 2009/Updated version released in 2013/English version coming in 2014
Download : Not now


In a starry sky, a ship navigates the dark ocean.
Misk, captain of the crew, desperately searching for his missing sister. However, during his research, him and his crew are drawn unwillingly into a new galaxy. Misk wakes up, lost and alone, surrounded by wildlife. Now on a planet named Ayask, Misk finds himself playing an important role in a upcoming war of this new world.

War, love, friendship and betrayal await you in this adventure.

What to expect:

If you are a fan of Suikoden(by Konami) or Legion Saga(by Kamau), you will probably like this game. The gameplay is really similare to the Suikoden series.

Ayask offers:

- 53 recruitable characters
- 5 wars
- 3 duels
- 2 mini-games
- Various customization systems
- 3 different endings
- 8 to 10 hours of gameplay

The game is completed, but only available in French. Im working on the english translation right now and I hope to release the game in June 2014. My english is far from being perfect(even my french lol), but I will try my best to be the more accurate possible.

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The plot certainly has potential. Subscribed and will download it once you release the English version.

Do each of the 53 recruitable characters have a back story or just different skill sets?

The game has 53 recruitable characters, but that does not mean they are all playable! Most of the characters have their own backstory and skills, but there are some that can be felt empty. This game was my first Rpg Maker game(released in 2009), so don't expect too much awesomeness. ^^'

Thanks for the support!
Looks like it has potential. Waiting on the English version, Good luck! ~Subbed~
This game seems awesome! : o

Kirk, when will we have the chance for download links?!
When Ayask will be Download,Kirk
It is possible to download Ayask on a fench web site, but the game is in French too.
Kirk is offline and i don't know when he has comming, sorry :/
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