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Release - 1.1

  • Quasi
  • 03/13/2014 12:44 AM

Added a new animated title screen (Script will be released soon with a demo using the title from eleven days as an example.)
Changed a few of my addons,
-Added screen centering to parts that were missing before.
-Updated Placement window ( Used my old version in 1.0 on accident. )
-Rewrote Skill Cast/Poison to run after an a turn not after an action.
-Changed Layy Meta mode to look smoother
-Changed Shops into Random Shops

Known Bugs:
-Revives don't work correctly (Didn't have time to look into this.)
-AI is sometimes slow (Noticeable during Demon Lord fight)

This may be my last release for this unless a major bug gets reported. I wanted to continue this project and add better dialog + 2-4 more paths to reach the Demon Lord. Each would have different fights/time to reach demon lord. But I do not have the time to, but if anyone is willing to help by making maps + dialog, send me a msg.