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Demo Available!

Disgruntled henchman, Dirk, has had enough of heroes. What a bunch of jerks, am I right? So, after the band of heroes he was working with were "unfortunately" defeated by the Last Boss™, Dirk becomes the local dark lord's -popularly known as Darklord- new general!
With the help of his skeleton henchman, an irate kobold chef and a gentle Dullahan, will the world be crushed by the iron fist of Dirk and Darklord? Or will a bunch of do-gooders get in the way? Will Dirk ever get a routine pay-check?
There's only one way to find out...

It's Time to Take Over the World!


  • Semi-non-linearity!

  • Witty writing!

  • Over-sized pixels!

  • Skeletons!

  • Active Time Battles!

  • No random encounters!

  • Cynicism!

  • Four unconventional playable characters!

  • Subversion!

  • Four acts!

  • The full game will have six dungeons and several hours of gameplay!

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Kinda sick of balancing enemies, so I'm making something without battles for a while.
Reverse Quest still lives, though.


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Looks intresting, subscribed!

Thanks! I hope you enjoy it.
I believe you can't access some houses and stairs in demo version and are going to use animated battle attacks? Other than that dialogues are top-notch.

You might wanna use this as Tim's character model;
I think this matches him better.
Also Dirk's character model needs more blue/grayish color.

I only had hard time with dealing 5 bats in the beginning, they can easily dish out tons of damage and wipe the party.

I enjoyed it a lot. It's going to be very fun game and it has potential. Good job!
>Yeah, the town isn't finished yet. Like the church and a couple of houses.

>As for animated attacks... I'm not sure. I'd like to, but it's a lot of time and effort that I could use on something else.

>That's a nice sprite! Might have to change it a touch to match the DS sprites and warm up the bones's color.

>Those bats are irate. I'm going to reduce the amount of them, because waiting for a handful of enemies to attack is kinda annoying, anyway.

I'm really glad you enjoyed the writing; the game really hangs on that!
I just tested on your demo and its pretty impressive. Your dialogues are really funny, and i think you're British (due to the jokes and accents in the conversations haha). To tell you the truth, I have never been so entertained by rpg dialogues before. Please insert more of it (and those random objects that Dirk can explore). Please keep up the good work.

Btw, since its a demo, you might wanna include some 'Under-construction' signboard in the areas that are not accessible for the time being. If you're planning to upload more demos.
While fighting metal slugs:
Window skill list line 81 no method error has occurred.
(Also, it wiped out Tim in one turn.)

Great dialogue, art style, pretty much everything so far. Anti-cliche has become a cliche itself, but this game pulls it off.
(...)you might wanna include some 'Under-construction' signboard in the areas that are not accessible for the time being. If you're planning to upload more demos.

Future demos will be more complete. The next one will be the rest of Act 1.

While fighting metal slugs:
Window skill list line 81 no method error has occurred.
(Also, it wiped out Tim in one turn.)

I know about that bug. It's a pain in the ass and I'm not sure what's causing it. I've tried changing the order the scripts are in, but if there's something conflicting, I'm not sure what it is. It's something to do with Yanfly's atb maybe?
Fortunately, it's quite rare but I'll keep fiddling to try and fix it.
As for Tim having the stamina as a heap of mushy peas, I'm still balancing enemies based on feedback I'm getting. So far Dirk and Tim have more HP now and the slugs only have single attacks.

Thanks for all the positive feedback too guys! I love writing dialogue so I'm glad it shines through.
The game looks really promising! The dialogue is written with thought and the maps are pretty nice as well. Good features too. Definitely going to download the demo soon!
^Thank you! I'm surprised you like my maps, since that's my main weakpoint... I guess I did something right!
And ditto to all the comments above. That was great. I bust a gut when he said:

"But we only have a handful of soldiers. And one of them's a dog."
Liberté, égalité, fraternité
Well since his game is in Hiatus not listed as cancelled I always think a bit of feedback can help, so here you go.

This was fun, actually it was funny. I know one of the features is listed as witty writing, but I usually find that if not exactly a lie, doesn't fall into my definition of witty. This doesn't either, but it is humorous which is more than enough for me. The play as the bad guy stories aren't unheard of but they are rarer than a lot of other tropes that get used in RPG's so I do tend to try and make time for them when I find them. I tend to discover that anyone who wants to make a game from the antagonist's viewpoint tend to have a different and somewhat cynical view and that correlates with mine, so I've got a better than average chance of finding something I like.

I like the lack of random battles though the ATB is never my favourite version of turn based, but it works well enough here, the crafting system is simple but well executed, the mapping is more than adequate and there are bears! Ok I like bears.

I do wish the images weren't quite so pixellated but I can see that was the style you were aiming for so you achieved it, even if I don't find it particularly aesthetically pleasing. The real winner in this game is the dialogue and I'd like to read more of it, so I'm hoping you'll come back to this one day.
Hi, nhubi. I am still working on this on and off, so it isn't cancelled. There have been a few changes since the demo, most importantly I'm not using atb anymore (it didn't work with the way I wanted to do the army battles at the end of the acts) and I'm not sure if I'm keeping the crafting. It's a little redundant. Rest assured though, there will always be more bears.
I'm glad you enjoyed it for the most part!
Liberté, égalité, fraternité
Well actually that good to hear, like I said, not that fond. I'll keep an eye on this one. I was going to pull together a small review but if you've made substantive changes I'll hold off until I see the next version.

Didnt get far. When I went into the forest I accidentally triggered an unskipped event that caused the game to freeze. Then when I went into the mountains I got killed because the game uses an ATB battle system and I'm rather slow when it comes to menu navigation.
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