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The game tells the story of Lucy, a young pirate who was thrown overboard his ship and rescued by ninjas who trained him in their hidden village. He later died defending said village from a zombie attack and was then trained by death gods, only to be brought back to life by a scientist who had to replace some of his vital organs with robot parts.

All this so he could prevent an old prophecy, which tells, that the son of the ancient god Cthulhu will collect the six holy crystals to open a portal to the netherworld and usher in an age of darkness.

Oh, and of course there will be heroins with balloon sized boobs and heavily censored offscreen tentacle rape too.

- Explore 5 generic Dungeons (Fire, water, earth, wind and darkness themed) and the kingdoms Capital City.
- Indiscriminately slaughter defenseless monsters to gain loot.
- All NPCs are recruit-able. Yes, every single one of them.
- Every Item is loot-able, except for walls, windows and stairs.

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Become part of this epic saga

Create your own character and become part of this epic saga (applications accepted until April 1st):

Pick a name, profession and dialog to tell your back-story, as well as a one-liner when joining the party.

Create a character using the character creator. (Further editing allowed, the creator is meant as a base, not a limit.) Upload and post it here.

Come up with 2 attacks (each doing fire, water, air or earth damage, or provide healing) . (You can be creative here, just don't select water as element and pick fireball as attack)

Aliens, espers and time travelers welcome.


Name: Daen vom Klan
Profession: Klansman
Dialog: We have fought them black magic users for years and for years they have gained more and more ground. I am telling you, them demons are stealing our jobs and seducing our women. Soon they'll come for you too.
Join: You are wise to seek my company, together we shall cleanse this world.


White Magic, healing.
Holy Hand Grenade, fire.