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Become part of this epic saga

Create your own character and become part of this epic saga (applications accepted until April 1st):

Pick a name, profession and dialog to tell your back-story, as well as a one-liner when joining the party.

Create a character using the character creator. (Further editing allowed, the creator is meant as a base, not a limit.) Upload and post it here.

Come up with 2 attacks (each doing fire, water, air or earth damage, or provide healing) . (You can be creative here, just don't select water as element and pick fireball as attack)

Aliens, espers and time travelers welcome.


Name: Daen vom Klan
Profession: Klansman
Dialog: We have fought them black magic users for years and for years they have gained more and more ground. I am telling you, them demons are stealing our jobs and seducing our women. Soon they'll come for you too.
Join: You are wise to seek my company, together we shall cleanse this world.


White Magic, healing.
Holy Hand Grenade, fire.
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