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Magic and Science are one in the Oracles universe. Everything is given life through the flow of magic, but of course this flow is subject to becoming unbalanced. Many forces thrive for control over Vargus City, the realms most powerful city, once mean't to be a city of peace for all races now is undergoing a civil war. You play as Marcus, a teenager who just moved to the city. Where his father Brandis battles politics, Marcus battles something far more threatening then words.

-I'm aiming for around 20 hours or more of gameplay.

-Oracles has a chain combo battle system where using one ability will chain to a new one of your choice. The script was made by Yanfly.

-Side Quests which are not all added into the Demo yet.

-Achievements you can gain to unlock powerful items/Weapons later in the game.

-Social Sim elements. You can attend clubs and hang out with friends.

-Many ways to acquire end game gear. You can dungeon crawl, you can gain gear via questing or from friendship events and even mini games. There is many ways to get the items you want and you can do it your way.

-Explore all of Vargus City.

-Signets are a cool way to gain passive abilities in combat. There is about 20 made.

-Choose your own class of the 5 that have been created.

-Expansion Content for after the Main Story is finished.

A little more about the game:
This is something I have been working on for 7 months now and I'm striving to make something really special for my friends and for anyone else who plays this. The demo is ready but the demo only really has the main story to it, with like 3 side quests actually added. I plan to have this finished by summer. What gave me the inspiration to make this game was playing persona and how much I loved it. I'm also a huge fan of telling stories and just creating stuff in general. If you try out the demo I thank you and I hope you enjoy it! :D

-Due to me being lazy the game might take longer then planned :S Sorry bout that.
But I got my coffee and I'm busting my ass right now to finish this thing! I'll release a new demo soon with more of the features soon.

In news semi related.

-At some point I would love to do a commentary playthrough of my game and maybe explain some of my insight in to making this game as well as for the ideas I have for my characters and overall plot.

I'm starting an RP based in the same universe but more in the past. It'll be a story that we create as a group. Something that I may be able to based other games off of or my friends. If you would be interested you can join us at oracles.boards.net

(All scripts belong to Yanfly. All monster battlers belong to Mazeran)

Update: Due to working full time it has been hard for me to find time to work on this but I am working! It will just take longer then expected :(

Edited last: September, 11th, 2014.

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Looks interesting. I'll keep my eye on this.
Liberté, égalité, fraternité
Ok gave this one a short go, a couple of things I noticed, in the tower of desolation you are using wall clocks like they are standing clocks, it looks very odd, they should be actually in the walls, not leaning against them from the floor. I really like the fact that you're sewer has muddy water in it, I can't tell you the number of times I've gone through RPG sewers with pristine crystal clear waters in them and it makes no sense.

You've got a few spelling and grammatical errors along the way, nothing that deters comprehension but they are noticeable. You tend to add 'a' to the start of words, alittle, alot that sort of thing.

Can I suggest you also make an non-rtp version of the download, given the length of this demo 285Mb is fairly large, uncheck the include RTP when you create the exe and it'll be much smaller.
Alright thanks! I'll go back and fix that. I'm terrible with grammar so I have some friends helping me out with that.

Yea I wanted the world and story to intertwine. For instance the story I want to tell is chaotic and out of control so I feel if the world was super shiny and pretty it wouldn't have that conveyance and feel out of place. At least that's just my thoughts on design.
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