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Marcus (or whatever you want to call him) is the main and playable character of this story.
Marcus has moved to Vargus at his fathers request. Marcus is a rather lazy guy but he's smart
and analyzes the situation before making any decision. You learn about his past as you
progress social events with other characters.

Danny is a hot head and can be easily annoyed but shes also very loving
and deeply cares about all of her friends. Danny is outgoing and athletic.
She is however not great at expressing a more softer side of herself
and she keeps bottled up her past where something tragic had happened.

Arthur is a complete nerd. He often gets lost in thought and he likes to invent
things to make his life easier. Arthur is however a bit of a joker (although he might be
the only one laughing) and a loyal guy who will stay by your side till the end.
Arthur has never felt like he belonged in this world.

Keira is shy, soft spoken and academically competitive with Arthur, fighting to be top of the class.
She is also very gullible and naive but patient and understanding.
Keira is best friends with Danny. She comes from a very high class family of scientists
who helped develop a lot of Vargus City's defenses. Keira is unsure what she wants to do with her life.