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The Last Update (For 2 Weeks)

Well this will be my last update for a while, considering I have a lot of scripting that needs to be done, and I really want to get the first Three Chapters out before August. Anyways, I’ve neglected any new Plot Lines, simply because I am done with the Plot up until Chapter 4. Character Development will continue for a week, so I get some time to think up personalities and back stories, however everything is in my head for now. In terms of the Battle System, it has progressed to the 80% Area. I have to Code some new events for Alexander’s Envoker System, however that can wait for now. What I really feel proud to report is my Akuma and Enemy AI. Basically the way I am doing things with the DBS is a tad different. I will rely on the established AI, however I have Coded my own little additions. Basically I call them “Smart Enemies”. Enemies no longer continually Attack, Attack, Attack, and Die. Instead they will act as if they are put up in unpleasant circumstances. If an enemy is low on Health, they may try to recover lost Health, Guard for a Turn, or straight up just say, “Fuck this, I’m out of here.” Humanoid Enemies are the smartest enemies; basically they can read a Player’s actions and act accordingly. If you prepare to throw a Grenade, the Enemy may be on his/her Guard. If one Squad Member is near death, they will focus on killing that specific member, if an enemies ally is injured, they may heal or protect and ally. Some enemies can Parry attacks, others can use “Group Formation” and attack the entire Team. If their Health is at Critical they can flee, or they can use “Desperation Attack”, some may be Kamikaze-Esque, some can fire hazes of Bullets at their enemies. One thing you will find in The Last Bible, are Damage Indicators. When an enemy is injured, they will change Battle Stances. This gives the Player an upper hand, allow one to employ different Tactics to conserve Energy.

Lastly in terms of AI, I have to pat myself on the back, I believe I have successfully created a “Monster” in RM2k3. The Akuma, insane mutated human abominations, will be presented as some of the key enemies of the game, and their abilities trump those of Humans by far. Coding the Akuma AI has hurt my head at bit, because certain things didn’t work, but I got the basics down now. Akuma need to feed in order to live, the longer they stay in battle the greater their Hunger becomes. As Hunger Increases, their Sanity decreases, causing increase in Strength, Speed, and Recklessness. A “Full” Akuma will use smarter Tactics than a “Hungry” Akuma. While a “Hunger” Akuma may simply Bite, Scratch, Pounce, and Maul their opponents until they have been defeated and can feast on their flesh. These Battle Conditions transition outside of battle, so if one of you Squad Members is bitten by an Akuma when they have been K.O.’d they will possess the Y-Virus, and after a prolonged period your Squad Member will begin to lose Sanity. If Sanity is lost your Squad Member will not be controllable, and if killed, will result in a Game Over for your entire Team. But the cool thing about Akuma is that if they become too hungry odds are that they will simply kill off their Allies. This will eliminate an Enemy from the field; however a “Full” Akuma is defiantly something to be fearful of. While weaker, they actually employ Tactics, and can even Toy with your Characters with their abilities. If certain Akuma consume others, they are able to Evolve. An Evolved Akuma is Dangerous as hell. Most Battles in the game rely on Tactics and Strategy, however when fighting an Evolved Akuma of the C-Class of Higher, simply using your strongest Attacks is what is needed. I plan for DBS Battles to be a small part of game play while the ABS, Puzzles, and Exploration dictate many of the Player’s actions. I know some people may not like that in an RPG too much, but I mean I am dealing with this game from a Manga Approach, the game has cut scenes, but Characters don't just appear here and there, you have to get to an area, unlock a cut scene, etc, etc.

Expect a DBS Battle Video Next Week Sunday as well as 5 Game Play Screenshots.