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Back to Work!

Its been a while since I have updated with anything substantial. However today I have resolved to give any subscribers a little heads up on The Last Bible.

Production will be slowed down a bit because of School, but I am happy to report the Battle System is 100% Complete and tested for glitches. Mapping and Resource creation however has been the biggest pain for me, mainly because the resources I am using only have 4 Uniform Tilesets, all the others have been heavily edited or made from scratch. Because I am using the "Future 1-4" Sprites I have been Editing existing Sprites, and making then appear in the Future Style. This process has pretty much been a bitch, but I love how the game looks so far.

In terms of Production The Last Bible Part 1 will consist of 15 Chapters, clocking in nearly 3 Hours each Chapter. Right now I am filling in some small gaps, for Chapters 1 and 3, but I am currently starting Chapter 4.

As we speak I am working and will get a more thought out update for you all, I am just busy with school.