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Good news, everyone! Trouble is brewing in the Melon Kingdom, and the entire world could be made to suffer the consequences!

Join Ben, a lawless soldier of fortune, on his latest mission: Rescue the fair Princess Penelope from the clutches of an unknown captor and return her to the arms of the pipsqueak Prince Frylock, thereby averting the hideous sabotage of a long-awaited peace between the Melon Kingdom and the Kingdom of Wizard.

Along with his outrageous sidekick, the Enchantress Deluxe Kerrigan, and a royally-appointed oracle of dubious quality known only as SKUB, Ben must journey to a ruined temple dedicated to a long-forgotten Dark God in search of the dastardly kidnapper. But will he make it just in time, or arrive too late to stop a ritual sacrifice that will loosen the chains of an ancient evil?

DARK GOD RISING was started for the Talking Time 2014 Release Something event. Its goal is to present a dark satirical story wrapped in a streamlined, easily-played RPG. Move over, long-winded prose and impossibly intricate game mechanics; there's a new guy in town, and he's none too thrilled with that kind of nonsense!
In this game, tactics and numbers aren't quite as important as getting to the next event and solving simple puzzles. Battles are brisk, there is no random combat, and nearly half of all encounters can be avoided if you so choose. And when there's a story scene, it never overstays its welcome.

The Talking Time 2014 event release covers one chapter of the story. Can it go for more? That depends on how much you like it! Give it a try and submit your feedback. I, for one, would love to read it!

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  • 02/28/2014 01:20 PM
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One chapter.....roughly an hour say you,good Sir?
I'd say there's an hour of gameplay here, yes. I clocked in at 30 minutes from start to finish on my test run, but I knew exactly what to expect and what to do.
Hmm, had the intent of actually playing through it after I downloaded it since I have some time this week, but it just sits at the black screen booking the game.exe, and while I can open the project file the test play just sits at black as well.
Don't hate me cause I'm Cute :)
YIPPEE, works fine for me.
Maybe try re-downloading ??

I got to the 2nd Chap. and now I'm in jail. Only problem is I believe you need to blow a hole in the back wall but my bombs are not working :(

Searched the internet for this game and the developer, Zaidyer but not luck....
am I doomed to delete the game without saving the Princess ???
Don't hate me cause I'm Cute :)
CRAP !!!!

Second time I played this game and it still does not work.

It really needs to be removed if it does not work and the developer
never shows up to fix it....

90 downloads....I wonder if anyone got passed the jail cell :(
Okay, so I checked it out and from the looks of it the guy meant for the game to end there. He hasn't finished setting up the bomb script at all by the looks of things. Sorry to say, but either he's still working on the project or cancelled it.

He did say it covered one chapter and from the looks of things (there being about 10 maps total in the game) it either reuses maps like a motherfucker or is supposed to be very, very short. Sorry, sport, but looks like that's all he wrote. ^.^;
Don't hate me cause I'm Cute :)
Be aware, the game is not complete.
Either the developer does not intend to complete it or there is a glitch about 15mins into the game.
You get to use bombs in the game to open wall cracks like in Legend of Zelda.

If you get to the part of the game where the hero winds up in jail, that is where the game ends or is broken since the bombs did not open the crack in the back wall of the jail cell.
The cracked wall in the jail cell isn't rigged up to work, that's where it ends. In retrospect I should probably have made an explicit "this is the end for now" notice, but I rushed it out for the Release Something event and haven't revisited it since then. The general failure of that event has put a serious damper on my ambition to finish.
I'm surprised I managed to crack 90 downloads so far; I've not heard any feedback at all outside of this thread! Up to now I had assumed there wasn't enough interest.
Don't hate me cause I'm Cute :)
Zaidyer, that to bad.
Actually, the part I was able to play was very good. I was disappointed when the bomb did not work in the prison cell.
I was really looking forward to finishing the game :(
Short RPG. Heavily inspired by Super Mario RPG. This means low database values and an overpowered revive item. Other than that I had to grind alot near the last boss, on his first turn he targets the entire group with some 30 damage attack, followed up by 2 more 30 damage single attacks, and this usually wipes out my party. As it turns out he has low HP so it becomes a luck battle where if you can dish out the damage you can defeat him. It's an alright game but that boss is a bit too difficult.
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