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This game is slightly based on Yu-Gi-Oh series. You start off at home and through an unknown power are sent in time with your sister. In this new universe you find out cards can activate when come close to them. Not only this but a much different version of Dueling happens here as well. The only way of returning back home is to defeat those who stand in your way. This is a sandbox game so you will not be stuck in a set story line. You have the option of exploring and collecting throughout the world and adding as many cards a possible. The more you collect..The most skills you can learn. It comes to do you want to save the world are be the one to destroy it. With true power comes an even greater challenge!

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YuGiOH-X Clash of Traps 15.3 Update is Now Available.
Fixed and Updated Demo 15.0!
Patch File Fixes Now Available!

Episodes 1 and 2 are now Available!
Lets Play Video 1-18 is Now Available!

Episode 3 Coming Soon!
100 New Cards Including Field and Rituals!
Hero Cards!
Field Cards!
Ritual Cards!
Banned List for Regionals!
Duelist Island
New Types!
Collection Update!
Updated Quest Log!
New Ante Duel and Cost Duels!
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It’s your actions.. not your strength, that would lead you to victory.
Wow, a Yu-Gi-Oh! based game. I'm assuming since this uses RPG Maker that this won't be a card game, but an rpg using characters from the show.
This post has been hidden by the game developer. Click here to show the post anyway.
Would be awesome if someone can make a Yu-Gi-Oh game with RPG Maker. Hope your idea is gonna work out.

Just to give you some feedback, check your graphics again, never increase the size of your images. Guess you did this with the background of your title screen?
Thanks yea working on that now.
Thanks for the Feedback!
A Yu Gi Oh game on RPG Maker? Now I'm curious.
Interesting I agree haha. You can try the DEMO on the 20th!
Thanks for the Feedback!
There are actually some card based battle systems mad for RPG Maker. If you want to straight up make your own trading card type game there are actually game engines for that purpose.

There are many for VX already, here is one for Ace.

I'm not telling you what to do but it sounds like you were looking for something like this.
Thanks for the post DorkLord! I will try to make a second card based version with this script for the Final Game as well. This looks like an amazing script.

Thanks for the Feedback!
This obviously doesn't play like the actual card game, so you should explain the game mechanics on the game page. I'm not going to download and play just to find out.
True mostly why I do a intro before you play the game. I'm working on a DEMO Video play though now for those who prefer to see over trying.

Thanks again for your feedback!
Actually being a Yu-Gi-Oh pro dueler, this rather hurts me. It looks good and all, but it's just not my cup of tea if the game plays nothing like the actual card game.
Actually being a Yu-Gi-Oh pro dueler, this rather hurts me. It looks good and all, but it's just not my cup of tea if the game plays nothing like the actual card game.

No worries but I know what you mean.

Thanks again for the feedback Rex
Full Game Release April 1!
YuGiOH-X The Final Quest 5.1 Updated!
YuGiOH-X The Final Quest(Full Game) 6.0 AND Demo Updated!
I want to apologize for the Updates Plus that are coming in.
I will added another option for everyone who re download the Game with Version 8.0!
This will allow you to skip the Beginning intro and start in Town.

Thank again Everyone
Looks Great for my YuGiOh Fans i Let´s Play it ^^
Looks Great for my YuGiOh Fans i Let´s Play it ^^

I hope you enjoy it and Thanks for the Post!!
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