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'Trigger Princess' is a full-fledged Role Playing Game experience featuring simple yet strategic gameplay, heavily inspired by MINTSPHERE's popular prequel, Trigger Knight, with a new, twisted tale to tell.

Escort the Princess and her squad of Ephemeral Heroes to save the Kingdom of Fenumia. Call forth reinforcements, level up your troops, use a plethora of the Grand Artefact's powers to turn the tide of battle: all with just one button. Your finger is poised on the trigger - will you fire?

A game by Mintsphere, lead by Fandrey and Vresu.
Story written by Archeia, Caz and J.
Special Thanks to Raide.

The Concept
"What kind of RPG can we make if the controller only has one button?"

The whole idea of the project is to make an RPG where the core mechanics and control as simple as possible (down to one-button mechanics). Without sacrificing the complexity and making the game itself shallow.

To test the viability of said mechanics, we made a small proof-of-concept dubbed "Trigger Knight." The feedback from the players went better than expected, and the game became quite a hit in Flash portals and android phone. "Trigger Knight" can be played here.

Goals and Influences
While "Trigger Knight" proved to be quite addictive, we realized that the game relies heavily on luck. We aimed to reduce that and focus on player strategy. We also want to push the game's production quality in-par-of handheld games and provide players an immersive tale and gameplay experience.

Trigger Princess is (highly?) influenced by:
- Yuusha30 (Half-Minute Hero in US)
- Canabalt
- ST!NG's games
- Vanillaware's games (Especially the art direction)

Latest Blog

Fallen Legion Announced!

It's finally here~
This is the sequel to Trigger Princess. Stuff happened and now it's here *A*)//

Official Website: http://fallenlegiongame.com
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Pages: 1
Go go Nessy!
EXCITED FOR THIS. Everything looks and feels great :) The OST is amazing too.
oh look more dive kick like games lol
Holy damn... the art man... the art! Very very nice work! I bow to this.
"My father told me this would happen."
First, this isn't commercial?!?

Second, this is probably the most exciting thing on the site since I've been here.
Yup, it's not commercial! <3
How many projects are you involved in anyway, Nessiah?

What ever happened to that girl who used to never amount to anything? What ever happened to that person!? It made me feel like we were on the same page in regards to actually getting anything done around here. Now, you’re just a million steps ahead of me... *sulks*

Anyways, you know I’ll be playing this along with Trigger Knight. The whole game revolving around the use of one button intrigues me... *subs both games*
Trigger Princess <3

Fandrey is helping with this? I'm not sure who that is but they sound nice~
Fandrey is actually our leader! :D

@Addit that person...is dead. She was delicious.
We need a Princess Princess crossover or I will be disappoint.
We need a Princess Princess crossover or I will be disappoint.

Trigger Princess Princess?
Really loving the art style. It is inspiring.
Trigger? No relation to Chrono Trigger...that saddens me there.

Edit-Holy Shit! watched Gameplay footage 2 and OMFG! It looks awesome great job!
Man, I want to be able to make games like these but my only talent is idea drafting and literal design, writing out the idea and contents so they get described. It doesn't help that I can't seem to find anyone to help me out!

If, by chance, I could pitch you an idea for when this is over would you PLEASE consider it? I'm so desperate I could put permanent bite marks on my knuckles!
We do not condone harassing other members by PM.
looks awesome,sadly im looking for games specifically on the rpg m engine.
why? i don't have a good reason! :D
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